Our Values

At Mvestor Media, we believe your business needs to be free of worry and accountability for your website. Many small businesses don’t have the technical knowledge or capability of supporting their own website, even though it is one of the most important marketing facets today. Mvestor Media gives you the freedom to run your business without having to worry about your website. We also believe that should the time come, you’ll have the freedom for other web designers and developers to support and build upon the website foundation we have set.

We are able to provide this to you through several values we hold:

All Code is Written to Standard

All code we write is standardized, meaning any qualified developer could take over and build upon it. This includes developers outside of Mvestor Media. We believe that business owners should have the freedom to choose their website designer and developer and be allowed to grow. We create assets for our clients, meaning our finished website products will provide value.

All of our websites are built on the WordPress content management system, where we vigorously follow the WordPress Coding Standards.



We’re Accountable to Our Clients

We are accountable to our clients for the code we write, the designs we produce, and the advice we give. All of our website products and services are designed to give you freedom of running your business while we are accountable for your website – from design, functionality, and hosting.


Handcrafted Code / No Templates

WordPress Templates are made to try to accommodate several business types with different services, backgrounds, and ideologies. Although the designs may seem quality, the code base if often bloated, causing page speed and scale issues. If the template wasn’t designed to do something, it can be difficult to add that functionality in. Using templates conflict with our value to provide a business with freedom to add functionality to a website, therefore, we never use them.

All of our designs are unique, and all code and programming is hand-crafted specifically for the needs of our clients. This ensure’s we deliver a superior product over other website design and development companies.