WordPress Development Retainers

retainer [Converted]Do you want to make changes to your existing WordPress website without starting over? Need to fix a problem or add functionality? WordPress development retainers are the right fit for you and your website.

Retainers are pre-purchased blocks of hours that are used to update and improve your existing WordPress website.

Improve your existing site with:

  • Design Changes
  • New Functionality & Features
  • Additional Pages and Content

Keeping your site fresh and trending meets your customers where they’re at in the market. Design touch-ups and content updates can take engagement to the next level. Kick the Know, Like & Trust Factor up a notch by enhancing your site affordably over time.

Retainer FAQs

Why would I purchase a retainer up front?

By purchasing a WordPress development retainer, you can reduce your long term development costs. We offer discounts because retainers are hours purchased up front and in bulk.

Can I build a completely new website using retainers?

As the hours are limited, a single retainer might be able to allow us to create a small 2 or 3 page website with limited customization an functionality. New website builds are best suited and created on our All-in-One site plan or Premier site plan.

What can I use the retainer for?

You can use the retainer for anything related to the design and development on your WordPress website. This would include:

  • Adding new or fixing existing website functionality
  • Adding new pages, or updating existing pages
  • Fixing or altering design elements
  • Improving page speed and load times

Photoshop design is not included nor eligible for use against a retainer.