WordPress Security Maintenance

WordPress Security MaintenanceCan you even imagine the loss involved with having your site go down for good? With our wordpress security maintenance plan, you won’t have to. We identify security threats on your WordPress website that may be hiding from plain sight like:

  • Out of Date WordPress Plugins and Software
  • Faulty Themes
  • Web server permissions

With the Monthly WordPress Security Maintenance Plan, we take full accountability for your WordPress site.

This means that if anything goes haywire and we can’t restore or fix it, we build you a brand new site, completely free. Think of this program as website insurance.

WordPress Security Maintenance FAQs

What exactly is included?

The maintenance plan includes the following:

  • Regular backups depending on the frequency of content updates on your site. Backups will occur at maximum once per day and at minimum once per week.
  • Weekly plugin and software updates. As critical and high priority security updates are released, we will patch and apply these within a matter of hours.
  • Hacker-free guarantee. Should your site become hacked, we will restore it from a backup completely free of charge. If we are unable to restore it from a backup at a total loss, we will build you a new website on our All in One site plan program completely free of charge.

Think of the maintenance program as a combination of a car maintenance program and insurance. A car maintenance program would include oil changes, air filter replacements, etc. Car insurance would include replacement if your car was stolen or wrecked.

How much does the maintenance program cost?

We have both annual and monthly payment options. Our monthly plan costs only $25. Subscribers are free to cancel at any time before the next billing cycle.

Do I really need a maintenance program?

If your site runs on WordPress, you definitely need some type of maintenance program. WordPress updates its core software regularly at about 4 times per year. Each release will contain bug fixes and security patches that were known to cause website hacks. In addition, the plugins and modules that are installed on the WordPress platform contain fixes for both security and speed.  Our plan makes it easy to stay on top of these security patches.

Can’t I just update software myself?

Yes you can as WordPress makes it very easy to update itself and its plugins. However, if something were to go wrong during or after the update process, would you have the knowledge and ability to fix and restore it? Unless you are comfortable utilizing web server software and have an understanding of PHP, we recommend you not update this software yourself in the best interest of your website. We are WordPress experts and have the ability to diagnose a problem if it arises.

What are the requirements to be on the maintenance program?

  • Your website must be running WordPress
  • You must have a web host that allows for backups to be created. As there are tens of thousands of web hosts, we cannot list them all. Typically, economy plan web hosting will not allow for us to create backups. Contact us below to see if your web host is compatible. In addition, discounts to the maintenance program are applied when users sign up for our blazing fast WordPress hosting.

See if your website is compatible for our security maintenance plan.