Kyle Steinle - Web Developer

Kyle Steinle


Kyle always had a knack with computers, developing his first website at the age of 12 and attending a technical high school with a specialty in Computer Science. Since then, he’s studied and pursued numerous career paths. Throughout his life he’s been a freelance writer, a video editor, an EMT, and laboratory worker among other things.

Recalling his early fascination with computers and unsatisfied with his current career prospects, Kyle undertook several months of intensive programming self study. During that time he discovered a passion for web development, drawn to the multifaceted challenges it presented as well as the entrepeneurial possibilities. This led him to start his own web development company K&N Webwork, where he assists Las Vegas small businesses with all aspects of their online presence.

Kyle’s specialty is coding original WordPress sites. Every site he makes is unique and perfectly tailored to the client’s needs.

A lover of the outdoors, you’ll probably find Kyle scaling the cliffs at Red Rock Canyon when he’s not coding away on his laptop.

What interests me most in programming is the infinite avenues for learning that it offers.