Switch to Responsive Design

It’s Irresponsible Not to Switch to a Responsive Web Design

Do you sometimes wish there were a way for your web design to stay the same on multiple systems and platforms? Your wishes are granted with responsive web design! This is a way for your web layout to adjust on all kinds of devices automatically. It means you don’t have to build out several versions […]

A History of UI and UX on WordPress

A History of UI and UX on WordPress

We talk about UX, or user experience, quite a bit. That’s because it’s a fundamental aspect in the world of web design. To put it plainly, you want your users to have an experience that’s worth visiting your site. But UX isn’t that new of a term. In fact, the history of UI and UX […]

Web Accessibility

What Is Web Accessibility?

In the realm of web design, user experience, or UX, is incredibly important. It’s what makes things more accessible for your visitors. When it comes to making your website more user-friendly and appealing, we use basic web design concepts that create the ideal user experience. Discover how web accessibility works to help users navigate your […]

website branding

Understanding Brand Dissonance and How to Avoid It

You need harmony when it comes to design a website with your company’s brand. The elements and themes of the website should flow and create “peace” with one another. Often, those elements can clash, resulting in brand dissonance. Find out some ways to create cohesion with your branding and avoid any confusion from your audience. […]

a man working on a website’s power zone

Web Design Basics: Understanding the Power Zone

Let’s just jump right in and get to the point. It’s important to grab someone’s attention right away. That’s a good rule of thumb when communicating important information with someone—especially if you’re showing off your brand or product. How does something like that work for web design? Well, the moment you hit the front page […]

Optimize for Mobile UX

How to Optimize Mobile UX for Your Web Design

Companies are beginning to notice the rise in web viewing on mobile. Everyone is on their phones, browsing websites on the go. Far away are the days where your mobile UX (or mobile user experience) was on the backburner. Businesses and web designers are optimizing mobile UX to give their target audience an interactive and […]

Drive sales with web design

5 Essential Tips to Drive Sales with Your Web Design

Every business owner wants people to visit their website, but the point of having an online presence is to turn curious visitors into leads and then conversions. A conversion is when a web visitors converts from a lead into a sale. When analyzing conversion data, it’s possible to have a website with high traffic, but […]

Responsive Web Plugins

Top 5 Responsive Web Design WordPress Plugins

According to a recent study by Statista, 52.5% of all website traffic around the world generates from mobile phones. The research shows mobile web traffic has nearly doubled since 2014 and continues to grow steadily every year. The growing number of mobile web visitors create a strong demand for responsive web design and corresponding plugins. […]

Web Design Image Editors

Become Savvy in Image Editing with These Web Design Resources

An essential part of web design is staying up to date on innovations in design technology. Another important aspect is your web design color palette, as it sets the aesthetic tone of your site. Design resources that keep us savvy in the digital creation include web design image editors. Check out some of our favorites. […]

Millennials in web design

The Best Website Designs for Millennials: Attracting the Web’s Population to Your Business Website Part Two

A Millennial web design focuses on attracting the Internet’s savviest users to a website. According to the Boston Consulting Group, American Millennials make up a third of the workforce and wield $1.3 trillion in annual spending power. Embracing the best website designs for Millennials allows businesses to tap into the Internet’s most frequent inhabitants. What […]