attract customers with web design

Is Your Web Design Attracting the Right Customers for Your Small Business?

Although most small business owners say that the primary goal of their website is to get traffic coming to it, what many entrepreneurs don’t know is that not all traffic was made equal. Fortunately, you can leverage elements of web design for your small business to increase your brand’s visibility and attract customers with web […]

wordpress for small businesses

Why WordPress for Small Businesses is Growing in Popularity Among Entrepreneurs

You already know that most of the Internet runs on WordPress; it’s dynamic, and accessibility has made WordPress for small businesses an incredibly potent platform—and entrepreneurs are starting to take notice. Why Small Businesses Should Switch to WordPress When it comes to making sure that your WordPress web design is unique, optimized and ready to […]

Elements of Modern Web Design Part 2

Elements of Modern Web Design, Part Deux

More Tips for Modernizing Your WordPress Web Design As a small business owner, you work hard to ensure that your business is seen and heard by the right audiences. In a twenty-first century world, effective, modern, and accessible web design is a crucial element to your business’s success and visibility online. Implement modern storytelling through […]

Elements of Modern Web Design Part 1

Elements of Modern Web Design to Keep in Mind, Part 1

As you already know, your website’s design cannot be static. To ensure that your web design is working for you in the way that it needs to, you need to consider redesigning or updating your website on a monthly and annual schedule. Explore these elements of modern web design to improve your online presence. Tips […]

Quality Web Design

How Quality Web Design Impacts Web Presence

As we speed through the digital age, it’s becoming increasingly uncommon for serious business endeavors to be without a website. Unfortunately, many business owners still fall into the trap of thinking that their web design is an isolated part of their marketing strategy when in fact it can be one of their greatest resources. Having […]

Freemium WordPress plugins

Our Favorite Free and Freemium WordPress Plugins of 2017 (So Far)

You already know that implementing the right plugins into your WordPress web design will extend the functionality and accessibility of your website. Although it’s important to remember that your industry and branding will play important roles in determining which free and freemium WordPress plugins are the best fit for your website and your audience, there […]

how to make sure your website it working for you

Does Your Website Design Really Work for You?

If you have a brand, business, product, or service that you’d like people to know about, you need a website. In a digital age that is only getting more entrenched in cyberspace, having an attractive, functional, and user-friendly website design is more important than ever. Considerations for Web Design Optimization When it comes to measuring […]

wordpress plugins for image optimization

Is Your WordPress Site Slow to Load? Try These WordPress Plugins

If you’ve been following our web design blog, you may have noticed that when it comes to your website’s performance on the wold wide web, terms like SEO optimization and accessibility keep popping up. That’s because, in addition to your site’s web design and page load time, these are two of the most factors that […]

WordPress calendar plugins

Power Your Events with These WordPress Calendar Plugins

Does your company need a website that’s able to schedule and display conferences, meetings, concerts, or other kinds of events to your users? If your business is powered by WordPress, you’re in luck. Not only is there a diverse and educated community of designers and WordPress developers from across the globe ready to offer advice […]

WordPress design for beginners

Welcome to the Fold: WordPress Design for Beginners

It’s 2017, and somehow, you just got the memo that WordPress runs the world. Fortunately for you, it has never been easier for newbies to learn the basics of WordPress design. Since being released in 2003, WordPress has become so much more than just a blogging platform. It’s become an enormous community of developers, designers, […]