Marketing automation

Top 5 Reasons to use Marketing Automation

The workforce has been forever changed by COVID-19 – where we work, how we work, and perhaps even who we work with as marketing departments reorganize or shift priorities. Organizations may be faced with the reality that the same amount of work still needs to get done with fewer resources now. It’s been a real […]

The Top Social Media Plugins for Your Website

The Top Social Media Plugins for Your Website

We live in a world where we are always checking our social media for updates on our friends and family, and it is a perfect excuse to monitor our phone throughout the day. People are prone to discovering new places and items through their social media platforms, so it is essential you start your social […]

new business website

7 Signs Your Business Needs a New Website

1. Your Website Takes Forever to Load This is generation now, and folks don’t want to wait for a website to load. If your site is slower than molasses, that valuable web traffic will jump back into the search results and visit a competitor’s site instead. Even worse, slow websites will take a hit in […]

digital marketing trends

2021 Digital Marketing Trends

One minute you think you’ve got Google all figured out, and the next they push a change to their algorithm that blows your old strategy out of the water. It’s a fast-paced digital world that is dripping with content, so business owners who want to stay on top need to understand current trends and how […]

better website navigation

10 Tips for Better Website Navigation

Your website’s navigation has a huge impact on sales, conversions, and bounce rates. If visitors can’t promptly find your services, products, prices, or contact information, they’ll leave. That’s the last thing you want! Start with this rule of thumb: Your website navigation structure should allow someone to land on any page on your site and […]

business website

6 Quick Fixes to Improve Your Business Website

When was the last time you took a long, hard look at exactly what your website does well to attract new clients … and what it doesn’t do well? You already know how awesome you are, but what does a new visitor (and potential customer) experience when they land on your website? It would be […]

Most Responsive WordPress Themes

Most Responsive WordPress Themes

Your website theme is the facade of your company and the way customers will navigate the site. If your site concept is complicated to navigate and confusing to your customers, it may be time to consider a new website concept. Responsive WordPress themes for your website offer a minimalistic feel to your site and will […]

Mvestor Media SEO Resources

Get a Clue: 6 Resources for Those Who Don’t Know SEO

When you are desperately looking for a dentist to care for your toothache, you run to Google to search for “dental care near me.” You usually trust the first option and use them for your needs. But how does a business stand above so many other similar options on Google? Search Engine Optimization. If you […]

Web Design Standards

4 Web Design Standards to Have In Mind

We always admire a website who has engaging content and simplistic design to not distract us from the purpose of being there. Many development teams follow web design standards to achieve these refreshing and illuminating websites. These website design essentials are the little black dresses of development work; they always manage to look good. Companies […]

Conventional Web Design

Stand Out Above the Competition with Conventional Web Design

No two things are the same, but there can be similarities in business types. When you are in an industry of 100,000+ businesses similar to yours, it is often troubling to grab the attention of your consumers. Have you ever thought your website could be the way to have the upper hand? Conventional web design […]