website branding

What Is Company Brand and Company Website Dissonance?

When branding your website, it’s important to have harmony. That means the elements and themes of the website flow together and are “at peace” with one another. Sometimes, when we create a brand, those elements clash with one another. What Is Website Branding? When you create a brand, you want to create a “symbol” for […]

effective image use in web design

A Consideration of Effective Image Use in Web Design

Humans communicate mostly through visuals. We’re just visual people. That’s why using images in web design is important. But you can’t just throw jpegs onto your web page wherever you want. That isn’t effective image use in web design. To ensure the most effective use of images, consider the following. Effective Image Use File size […]

two bright ideas of CMS’s fighting for superiority

Battle Royale: Strikingly vs Voog

Are you interested in web design? Do you have a product or business that needs a proper page? Are you still looking for the right content management system? Pop some popcorn. Grab a soda. It’s time for another Battle Royale! This time, we have newcomers: Strikingly in one corner and Voog in the other. Now […]

what is ransomware? Protect against it

What is Ransomware? A Quick Lesson

We all know what a ransom is: when the bad guy demands money in exchange for your friend. Generally an inconvenient circumstance we try to avoid. So what is ransomware? Instead of your friend, the bad guy got a hold of some of your important files, and you have to pay money to get them […]

birds representing web design alignment

Web Design Alignment: The Basics

If you want people to scroll through your website and actually read it, your web design needs to be readable, right? Often times, websites depend on content alone to coax users into staying, but that just doesn’t work. Would you want to read something that isn’t organized? Knowing how to organize images, words and other […]

Web Design History: First Website Ever

Web Design History: The First Website Created

The Internet as we know it has been around for as long as most of us can remember, but many don’t know about its fascinating web design history. As something we use everyday, whether it be for social interaction, entertainment, news, or the seemingly boundless amount of information, the question of origin may come up […]

a person learning what is user experience design

UX Meaning: Keeping the Client’s Perspective in Mind

Think about this statement: Design my website. A basic command, but there is a single problematic word in the statement. It’s the word my. When most companies ask for a new website, they forget that a website design is rarely for them. Their website is always for their clients and how they engage with it. […]

web design basics symbolizing the concept of harmony

Web Design Basics: Hoping for Harmony

In this week’s web design basics, we’re going to relax and take a step back. Our web design company isn’t going to break down a single web design concept. Instead, we’re bringing them all together in perfect harmony. Knowing how to find harmony is an important web design lesson. Web Design Concepts: Visual Harmony Art […]

an artist’s rendering of a computer virus

What Is a Computer Virus? A Quick Computer Lesson

Terms like CMS, indexing, HTML5 and IP address may go over the heads of some people not in web development. But there is one word people universally understood: virus. The computer virus has filled the hearts of business owners with dread and terror. But what is a computer virus? How do you avoid them? Today, […]

hyperlink icons

Web Design Basics: Hyper about Hyperlinking

Have you ever thought about what holds a website together? Think about it. What brings a collection of images, content and even something complex as an e-commerce site together? The answer/glue is simple: hyperlinks. What are hyperlinks? You’ve come to the right place as we discuss the importance of hyperlinks in this week’s web design […]