conventional web design

Conventional Web Design Will Make Your Business’s Web Design Stand out

We’ve discussed basic web conventions and how they have set the standard in web design. While web conventions should be followed by all successful websites, they can also be used to make your web design stand from over your competition and improve client experience. Web Conventions to Make Your Business’s Web Design Stand out Differentiate […]

web conventions

Basic Web Conventions to Follow When Creating a Small Business Web Design

Web conventions are a basic set of rules that web designers follow in order to meet online user expectation, not web development conferences. Web conventions are industry standards that outline clarity and usability in web design. These web design basics can help small businesses create more efficient websites. Basic Web Conventions to Follow When Creating […]

easy to find on search

How Web Design Will Make You Easier to Find in Search

It is important to keep a client’s perspective in mind when designing a website, but you should keep them in mind even before you start the web design. Knowing what your audience is searching can be incorporated into your website for an adaptive web design. Web design basics demand a focus on who the customers […]

avoid web design mistakes

Worst Web Design Mistakes Made by Small Businesses

The best small business web design can be difficult to accomplish. Luckily, there are many steps entrepreneurs can take to control of their web design. Here are some of the biggest web design mistakes small businesses make when designing a website. Worst Web Design Mistakes Made By Small Businesses Not understanding the customer Your web […]

creating a wordpress website

What to Know Before Creating a WordPress Website

Creating a WordPress website can be a time-consuming task for any business owner. WordPress is the go-to for small business web design thanks to its simplicity and effectiveness. Here are some things to know before you create a WordPress website. What to Know before Creating a WordPress Website WordPress is more than a blogging tool […]

mobile web design tips to avoid Google Jail

Mobile Web Design Tips and Mistakes to Avoid Google Jail

Google jail is not a cyber prison, but a punishment that your website can experience. Due to the rise of Google searches coming from mobile devices, Google has introduced an update that may land your website in Google jail. Use these mobile web design tips to avoid getting locked up. Mobile Web Design Tips and […]

the secret of resilient web design

Unlocking the Secret to Resilient Web Design

Web designers take an unorganized cluster of information and convert it into a clear web page. The clarity of your web design is achieved through color, contrast, font, visual hierarchy, and layout. Resilient web design enhances clarity by stripping down web development to the core of web design basics. Unlocking the Secret to Resilient Web […]

let the needs of a target market influence your web design

Do You Know What Your Target Market Needs?

When you’re designing a new small business website, there are thousands of things to consider: From what you want your site to do to who your website is supposed to be speaking to, it’s essential you make sure your web design answers the needs of a target market—yours. How the Needs of Your Target Market […]

web development conferences around the world

Web Wizards Gather from around the World at Web Development Conferences

As summer winds down, conference season has already started to kick it into high gear, especially in the technology industry. When it comes to creating and sharing their knowledge in everything from web design basics to web development wizardry, autumn is the season for web development conferences, and we have our eyes on events that […]

choose wordpress over squarespace for your business site.

Battle Royale: WordPress vs. Squarespace

When it comes to pitting WordPress vs. Squarespace for your small business, the choice may seem like a difficult one—at first. Although both content management systems have the potential to help you create visually impactful and functional websites, WordPress has just the slightest edge when it comes to dynamism, functionality, and SEO-friendliness for small business […]