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E-Commerce Security Features for Online Stores

Every day, hackers and cyber criminals and their attacks are more sophisticated. You are putting your business at risk if your e-commerce store is not equipped with state-of-the-art security features. Luckily, e-commerce security is much more straightforward and accessible today than it has been in the past. Web Application Firewall (WAF) A Web Application Firewall […]

what is ransomware? Protect against it

A Quick Lesson on Ransomware

Having your website held hostage until you pay a sum of money is treacherous, and stressful on your end because of the uncertainty of what can happen to your site during or after you pay the money. Ransomware is a severe threat to your website and affects so many with the demands of cash for […]

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The World’s Most Famous Website Hackers

Before hacks were a set of videos we watched on social media to help us clean our kitchens, there were famous hackers who did extreme damage to websites. They managed to show the faults in the safety of company sites which housed much vital information which could cause identity theft to many innocent people. While […]

Strong Passwords

Defend Your WordPress Web Design! Strong Passwords to Protect From Hackers

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, making it a common target for hackers across the Interwebs, but WordPress is still susceptible to hackers due to vulnerabilities in the hosting platform, as well as weak passwords. Hackers are cyber criminals that are a serious threat to businesses and individuals. The best way to […]

E-commerce security tips

E-commerce Security Tips

If you have an online business with shop options, you have an e-commerce site. Having an e-commerce site is great because it allows you to make money online. Unfortunately, doing anything online means that it isn’t completely secure—especially when it comes to e-commerce security. There will be hackers and thieves all over the internet, so […]

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The World’s Most Famous Website Hackers

There are good website hackers, and there are bad website hackers, but not many actually make a name for themselves. Often times, hackers are just doing their jobs, finding web design flaws, and other times, they play a little prank here and there. Where are those cyber terrorists and criminal masterminds Hollywood loves to celebrate? […]

what is ransomware? Protect against it

What is Ransomware? A Quick Lesson

We all know what a ransom is: when the bad guy demands money in exchange for your friend. Generally an inconvenient circumstance we try to avoid. So what is ransomware? Instead of your friend, the bad guy got a hold of some of your important files, and you have to pay money to get them […]

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What Is a Computer Virus? A Quick Computer Lesson

Terms like CMS, indexing, HTML5 and IP address may go over the heads of some people not in web development. But there is one word people universally understood: virus. The computer virus has filled the hearts of business owners with dread and terror. But what is a computer virus? How do you avoid them? Today, […]

What is website malware?

What Is Website Malware? A Quick Computer Lesson.

If our last lesson on hackers taught you anything, the best way to keep safe is knowing your enemy and how to avoid them. Today’s enemy is website malware. Website malware is almost like the Voldemort of the Internet. You dare not speak its name, but when it-who-must-not-be-named invades your computer, it can be devastating. […]

Strong Passwords

Strong WordPress Passwords Fend Off Hackers

Hackers! When you hear this word, what do you envision? It probably renders images of people sitting behind a desk in some undisclosed basement, typing away lines of green code, “enhancing” images, withdrawing millions of dollars of corporate profits. While hackers can be a serious threat to businesses and individuals, they can be challenged and […]