Battle Royale: WordPress vs Wix

Long gone are the olden days when website designers had to create every website from scratch. Days and nights filled with extensive coding are reserved only for the hardcore now. Companies can rejoice as more website platforms are easier to manage. These website platforms, such as Wix or WordPress, allow businesses to create their company’s […]

Strong Passwords

Strong WordPress Passwords Fend Off Hackers

Hackers! When you hear this word, what do you envision? It probably renders images of people sitting behind a desk in some undisclosed basement, typing away lines of green code, “enhancing” images, withdrawing millions of dollars of corporate profits. While hackers can be a serious threat to businesses and individuals, they can be challenged and […]

WordPress E-Commerce Security

WordPress E-Commerce Security Done Right

Almost a day doesn’t go by that we don’t hear about hackers stealing credit card information and other sensitive information from WordPress E-Commerce sites. To protect and reassure your customers and buyers, it’s imperative to know how to protect your e-business and your sensitive customer data with WordPress E-Commerce security. Consider these tips for protection: Choose […]

WordPress updates dashboard

WordPress Updates – The Ultimate Guide for Website Owners

Disclaimer. Let me be clear: I do not recommend site owners perform WordPress updates on their installs or plugins if they are not comfortable doing so. A single update gone-wrong can seriously damage a website beyond repair. I always recommend WordPress website owners use our WordPress Security Maintenance program to stay on top of WordPress […]

WordPress Websites are Best for Business

Why WordPress Websites Are Best for Business

WordPress currently powers an astounding 26% of the entire web. Although it may not seem like a large number, there are an estimated 4.75 billion web pages among thousands of website frameworks. These numbers add up. Why is WordPress so popular? Answer: it is best for the business that it represents. Here are a few reasons […]

Woothemes + Automattic = Great for WordPress

Woothemes announced a few days ago that they would be joining forces with Automattic. Both companies contribute to WordPress and its community as a whole. I am excited for this transition for a number of reasons: We love WordPress. All of our sites are built on it. We use Woothemes Canvas as a responsive framework […]

5 Reasons to Invest in Your Website at Every Stage

If you have a business, you need a website. The obvious reasons: According to HubSpot, 78% of people using the internet research products online. This means, when clients want what you offer, they’ll be checking your website, first. A website is a foundational element of your brand that facilitates marketing, prospecting, exposure and business. If […]

WordPress Page Speed Presentation

A few days ago, I was able to to speak at the Las Vegas WordPress Meetup Group – WordPress, Lightning Fast Edition. I gave a WordPress Page Speed presentation, including topics on: Why we should focus on page speed in the first place What issues typically cause slow loading sites How users can fix slow […]

Multiple Location SEO

Optimizing Multiple Locations with Yoast Local SEO for WordPress – Part 2

This is the final post of a two-part series. Managing multiple store locations for a local business from an SEO perspective can definitely be challenging. Before you even begin thinking about building local citations, you need to make sure that your site structure is ideal for search engines to crawl and index. This is part […]