WordPress vs WebFlow

Battle Royale: WordPress vs WebFlow

Introduction WordPress has been around since 2003, and it’s still one of the most popular content management systems in the world. It’s free, open-source software that you can use to create your site. However, you’ll need some development experience if you want to customize your site or add new features. If you’re looking for something […]

Most Responsive WordPress Themes

Most Responsive WordPress Themes

Your website theme is the facade of your company and the way customers will navigate the site. If your site concept is complicated to navigate and confusing to your customers, it may be time to consider a new website concept. Responsive WordPress themes for your website offer a minimalistic feel to your site and will […]

Re-Design Checklist: WordPress Website Design

Mvestor’s Re-Design Checklist: WordPress Website Design

Business websites need to be redesigned every three years to stay current with modern web design. A WordPress website design provides the web experience for website visitors and webmasters alike. We put together a checklist of important things to execute before entering the redesign process. The Top 5 Things to Do Before a Web Redesign […]

WordPress Trends in 2018

The Future of Web Design: WordPress Trends in 2018

Last year we highlighted the best WordPress plugins of 2017. The WordPress 4.9 update included a new theme browsing experience, a new gallery widget, a new media button, as well as schedule changes. The best content management system continues to evolve every year. Here are the top WordPress trends in 2018 we predict will takeover. […]

Best WordPress Plugins of 2017

A Year in Review: Best WordPress Plugins of 2017

Earlier this year, we covered our favorite WordPress plugins. Now we are ranking the top WordPress plugins in all categories from E-commerce to search engine optimization. Discover the best WordPress plugins of 2017 for your web design. A Year in Review: Best WordPress Plugins of 2017 WordPress is already the most popular content management system […]

creating a wordpress website

What to Know Before Creating a WordPress Website

Creating a WordPress website can be a time-consuming task for any business owner. WordPress is the go-to for small business web design thanks to its simplicity and effectiveness. Here are some things to know before you create a WordPress website. What to Know before Creating a WordPress Website WordPress is more than a blogging tool […]

choose wordpress over squarespace for your business site.

Battle Royale: WordPress vs. Squarespace

When it comes to pitting WordPress vs. Squarespace for your small business, the choice may seem like a difficult one—at first. Although both content management systems have the potential to help you create visually impactful and functional websites, WordPress has just the slightest edge when it comes to dynamism, functionality, and SEO-friendliness for small business […]

Static Design vs WordPress

Static Design vs WordPress. What’s Best for Your Small Business Web Design?

When it comes to guiding business owners through the decisions that will make or break their online presence, one of the most frequently asked questions we get is why choose WordPress web design for small businesses over a static static HTML site? Common Misconceptions about WordPress vs Static Web Design Although some might say that […]

wordpress for small businesses

Why WordPress for Small Businesses is Growing in Popularity Among Entrepreneurs

You already know that most of the Internet runs on WordPress; it’s dynamic, and accessibility has made WordPress for small businesses an incredibly potent platform—and entrepreneurs are starting to take notice. Why Small Businesses Should Switch to WordPress When it comes to making sure that your WordPress web design is unique, optimized and ready to […]

Freemium WordPress plugins

Our Favorite Free and Freemium WordPress Plugins of 2017 (So Far)

You already know that implementing the right plugins into your WordPress web design will extend the functionality and accessibility of your website. Although it’s important to remember that your industry and branding will play important roles in determining which free and freemium WordPress plugins are the best fit for your website and your audience, there […]