WordPress vs WebFlow

Battle Royale: WordPress vs WebFlow

Our last Battle Royale compared the benefits of WordPress vs. Squarespace for your small business, with WordPress coming out on top. When it comes to pitting WordPress vs. Webflow, the choice may seem like a difficult one—at first. Although both content management systems have the potential to create visually impactful and responsive websites, WordPress has the edge when it comes to price and SEO-friendliness for small business websites.

Battle Royale: WordPress versus WebFlow

WebFlow is rapidly taking charge and overpowering other CMS platforms that cater to those without extensive web design or web development knowledge. After just one year after launching, Webflow CMS gained over 30,000 sign-ups and it powers over 400,000 websites today. While WebFlow is a strong contender, it is no match for WordPress, which powers 25% of the websites on the Internet.

WebFlow CMS Review

WebFlow allows users to design and develop at the same time. It was launched in 2013 with the intent to create professional-level, responsive web designs without the use of code. It simplifies complex design elements normally found in Adobe PhotoShop and offers them in a drag-and-drop format.

Webflow allows web developers to easily build websites with complex elements, such as animations, mouse effects, and scrolling. In late 2017, Webflow released the Interactions V2 tool set, which expands the ability to build high-quality, professional-level websites without having to write a single line of code.

WordPress vs WebFlow price comparison

Price is an important aspect when deciding which CMS will power your business website. Business owners need to know they are receiving the best value for what they pay. WordPress is superior in terms of price when compared to WebFlow.

WebFlow just recently started offering users a free trial. Currently, their most basic package includes one account and hosting. Additional monthly fees are incurred when adding other contributors to the website, so it is not ideal for large teams that constantly update the site.

WordPress is open source and free to download. Hosting for WebFlow’s most basic package is $12/month, but the $35/month is ideal for business websites. WordPress hosting is as low as $4/month on BlueHost and a better choice for business websites.

WordPress vs WebFlow SEO comparison

SEO is important for website optimization and businesses can’t thrive online if their SEO strategy isn’t up to par with their competition. Both WordPress and WebFlow integrate SEO into the websites they power.

WebFlow has fully customizable SEO settings with mobile-friendly design and performance features. WordPress plugins such as Yoast plugin make SEO customization easy. WordPress easily integrates Google Analytics into websites, while WebFlow doesn’t currently have the capacity to integrate the web analytics service.

KO! WordPress wins!

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