Conventional Web Design

Stand Out Above the Competition with Conventional Web Design

No two things are the same, but there can be similarities in business types. When you are in an industry of 100,000+ businesses similar to yours, it is often troubling to grab the attention of your consumers. Have you ever thought your website could be the way to have the upper hand? Conventional web design […]

Web Design Standards

4 Web Design Standards to Have In Mind

We always admire a website who has engaging content and simplistic design to not distract us from the purpose of being there. Many development teams follow web design standards to achieve these refreshing and illuminating websites. These website design essentials are the little black dresses of development work; they always manage to look good. Companies […]

Web Design Best Practices 2018

Web Design Best Practices to Use in 2018

We are already halfway through 2018, but is your web design still stuck in the pre-era of Y2K? It’s understandable to be wary of updating to a more modern web design since you feel you might break a “good thing.” Having this mindset prevents new consumers experiencing your products and getting traffic to your site. […]

Minimalist web design

A Consideration in Minimalistic Web Design

Today, we call people out for being extra, and websites are not immune from the shaming. Sites with too many things happening on just one page can overwhelm users. Your company can lose a potential client without getting them past your homepage. Minimalistic web design provides your visitors with a better user experience. With engaging […]

The History of the Deep Web

The History of the Deep Web

You don’t have to be a web wizard to have heard the stories of the dark, fantastical Deep Web. You know, the websites or Deep Web search engines where criminals and hackers collude to steal identities, change stock prices, or shut down a site of their choosing. The Deep Web history goes back a long […]

web design history

Web Design History: The First Website Created

The Internet has been around for as long as most of us can remember, but many don’t know about its fascinating web design history. As something we use every day, the question of origin may come up from time-to-time: what was the very first website? What did it look like? We can trace the Internet […]

Elements of Modern Web Design Part 1

Crucial Elements of Modern Web Design

We’re confident that you already know your website’s design cannot be static. For your web design to be working for you in the way that it needs to, you need to consider redesigning or updating your website on a monthly and annual schedule. Certain modern web design elements allow you to do that more naturally […]

Switch to Responsive Design

It’s Irresponsible Not to Switch to a Responsive Web Design

Do you sometimes wish there were a way for your web design to stay the same on multiple systems and platforms? Your wishes are granted with responsive web design! This is a way for your web layout to adjust on all kinds of devices automatically. It means you don’t have to build out several versions […]

a man working on a website’s power zone

Web Design Basics: Understanding the Power Zone

Let’s just jump right in and get to the point. It’s important to grab someone’s attention right away. That’s a good rule of thumb when communicating important information with someone—especially if you’re showing off your brand or product. How does something like that work for web design? Well, the moment you hit the front page […]

Optimize for Mobile UX

How to Optimize Mobile UX for Your Web Design

Companies are beginning to notice the rise in web viewing on mobile. Everyone is on their phones, browsing websites on the go. Far away are the days where your mobile UX (or mobile user experience) was on the backburner. Businesses and web designers are optimizing mobile UX to give their target audience an interactive and […]