WordPress design for beginners

Welcome to the Fold: WordPress Design for Beginners

It’s 2017, and somehow, you just got the memo that WordPress runs the world. Fortunately for you, it has never been easier for newbies to learn the basics of WordPress design. Since being released in 2003, WordPress has become so much more than just a blogging platform. It’s become an enormous community of developers, designers, […]

font basics

Web Design 101: Incorporating Strategy into Your Font Choices

When it comes to sending your clients, your buyers, or your fans the right message, the font you use can make or break your brand. Think of your font as the outfit that you put on your website: it communicates if you’re professional and modern or dated and messy. There are thousands of fonts out […]

The History of the Deep Web

The History of the Deep Web

You don’t have to be an Internet junkie to have heard dark, fantastical stories about deep web websites or deep web search engines where criminals and hackers collude to steal identities, change stock prices, or shut down a site of their choosing. The Deep Web, however, is not only much larger than these stories imply, […]

3 Common Web Design Myths

3 Common Myth-conceptions about Web Design

Whether you’re a small business owner or looking to expand your brand, web presence has become an increasingly essential aspect to running a business in any industry. Here are some common web design myths and legends that many business owners have about web design. Myth 1: Once Your Site is ‘Finished’ It Doesn’t Need to […]

Copyright Infringement

Copyright Infringement and How to Avoid It When Designing Your Website

One of the most common mistakes that new bloggers or business owners make is to use images they’ve found online without the proper licensing or attribution. Just because you found an image on the Internet does NOT mean it’s free for you to use! Because the images you see on the Internet have been copyrighted, […]

E-commerce security tips

E-commerce Security Tips

If you have an online business with shop options, you have an e-commerce site. Having an e-commerce site is great because it allows you to make money online. Unfortunately, doing anything online means that it isn’t completely secure—especially when it comes to e-commerce security. There will be hackers and thieves all over the internet, so […]

web design history

Web Design History: Where Dot-com Came From

Domain names have been around almost as long as the Internet itself. We are all very familiar with them, typing them at the end of a website name in our browsers. But do we ever think about the purpose of them, or perhaps why and when they were started? In this snippet of web design […]

images for website

Web Design Basics: Choosing Images for Your Website

It’s vital that the first thing we see when we go to a website are the images. People are visual and learn and explore through imagery. In this week’s web design basics, we’re going to go over images and effective strategy of image use. Images and How They Pertain to Your Web Page We’ve gone […]

website branding

What Is Company Brand and Company Website Dissonance?

When branding your website, it’s important to have harmony. That means the elements and themes of the website flow together and are “at peace” with one another. Sometimes, when we create a brand, those elements clash with one another. What Is Website Branding? When you create a brand, you want to create a “symbol” for […]

effective image use in web design

A Consideration of Effective Image Use in Web Design

Humans communicate mostly through visuals. We’re just visual people. That’s why using images in web design is important. But you can’t just throw jpegs onto your web page wherever you want. That isn’t effective image use in web design. To ensure the most effective use of images, consider the following. Effective Image Use File size […]