Conventional Web Design

Stand Out Above the Competition with Conventional Web Design

No two things are the same, but there can be similarities in business types. When you are in an industry of 100,000+ businesses similar to yours, it is often troubling to grab the attention of your consumers. Have you ever thought your website could be the way to have the upper hand? Conventional web design gives you the advantage to produce a great site and keep your consumer’s attention.

Web design and development help push your company through the crowd and into the eyes of the people looking for your services. A comprehensive and straightforward website presents itself to anyone who needs your help.

Standing Out Above Your Competition with Conventional Web Design

We’ve discussed basic web conventions and how they have set the standard in web design. While all successful websites should follow web conventions, they can also be used to make your web design stand from over your competition and improve client experience.

Search boxes

A search bar can ease user navigation by allowing them to search for keywords on your website. Search boxes are helpful tools for sites with a great deal of information and content. Search boxes are not just for search engines and e-commerce websites. Adding a search box to your web design can help users navigate your site. WordPress web developers can easily install search pages into a website.

Differentiate between branding

When using branding, it is essential to maintain consistency. If your tone of voice is earnest and scientific, having an About Me page with goofy and sarcastic content will confuse readers.

Branding helps businesses build an identity and differentiate from the competition. Like in traditional marketing, branding can be used in web design to help create a loyal customer base through brand recognition. The colors, fonts, and tone of voice used can help develop a brand advantage.

Breadcrumb navigation

This technique doesn’t involve the carb-filling food Oprah raves she loves. Breadcrumb navigation allowed users to keep track of locations on a website and earned its namesake from the fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel. It acts as an aid to reduce the number of clicks when a user is buried deep in a website. To backtrack to a previous web page, the user has to look at the trail made on the web page and click on the desired link.

Image captions

Image captions are simple, yet overlooked web design basics. They provide detail and context to images on your website. Google suggests providing descriptive titles and captions to pictures as an image publishing guideline.

There are two kinds of captions that can as add a unique touch to the images on your website:

  • Minimalist
  • Graphic

Minimalist style is simple and to the point. It uses sans-serif fonts, primary colors and usually located to the side or below a picture. News websites commonly use this style.

The graphics style is a caption that appears when a mouse hovers over an image. This style is likely to use more colors and buttons to expand a hidden caption. Advertising agencies and web design firms commonly use this image styling.

Unique Web Designing

We understand businesses who need to be a cut above the rest in their large industry. Mvestor Media offers quality and one-of-a-kind website design to help you stand on the heads of your competitors. Connect with us today to see how we can assist you in a new website or make improvements to your existing site.

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