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UX Meaning: Keeping the Client’s Perspective in Mind

Think about this statement: Design my website. A basic command, but there is a single problematic word in the statement. It’s the word my. When most companies ask for a new website, they forget that a website design is rarely for them. Their website is always for their clients and how they engage with it. This is also called user experience. What is user experience design?

UX Meaning: Keeping the Client in Mind

A simple user experience, or UX, meaning is the overall experience one has when using a website. This includes anything and everything from:

  • What exactly are they looking at
  • What draws their attention
  • What bores them
  • What they find fun
  • How long it takes to get them to what they want

Creating a good user experience website requires some trial and error. This user experience process may require testing, such as A/B testing.

3 Important User Experience Questions

Does the website work?

The biggest sins of a bad user experience website are broken links, pages that lead nowhere and websites that move too slowly. Nothing will damage user experience and your company brand more than this. Why? Because it shows a lack of care and attention. If there is a single maintenance issue, fix it immediately or get a new website altogether.

Is the website interesting?

Your website may work well but is it visually interesting and does it engage your user? How to make a visually interesting website design requires knowing proper implementation of web design basics. As for engaging the user, organization and clear navigation are key. The longer it takes for your user to find what they want, the more apparent it becomes that you have a bad user experience website.

Does the website make me want to come back?

When your user clicks off your page, has the webpage engaged them enough to bring them back? The answer to this question should always be a resounding yes. Even feelings of apathy imply some bad user experience somewhere on the website. If you want to see what we’re talking about, here are good user experience examples.

Improve Your Website’s User Experience

Still puzzled and wondering about user experience design? No worries. If you want to improve your website users experience, we can provide your audience a fresh and functional website.

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