5-reasons-invest-at-every-stage Everything You Need for a Managed WordPress Website

All of our plans offer a custom website and managed WordPress maintenance service that saves you time and makes you money. Built on the famous WordPress platform, our plans are created for small business owners wearing all the hats. We design, develop, host, and maintain your website for you. This includes tailored layouts, mobile adaptability, security and monitoring, and truly unlimited updates. With functionality and effectiveness in mind, we’ve included everything you need for a professional website so you can get back to running your business.


All Plans include:

Starting at $149/month.

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Modern, custom design.

fci-slider Turn the right heads with an original look and feel that represents your business. We never use templates so your site will be one-of-a-kind.

With mere moments to woo your ideal client, you want a site that embodies professionalism and uniqueness. An interactive, effortlessly absorbed showcase of services and expertise.

We deliver a uniquely tailored design that’s professional, polished, easy to navigate, and engaging at every stage.

A custom design:

  • clearly displays your brand
  • stands out against industry competition
  • reflects the quality of service
  • adapts with your business



Comprehensive WordPress Development

Where design meets practicality. Streamline current operations, and support future goals with an administrative end built on WordPress that makes sense for your business.

Introduce your brand and explain your business on numerous pages. Gather leads with strategically placed opportunities for clients to click and learn more. Build trust through an educational, value-based resource like a blog. These elements pique clients’ interest, encourage deeper search, and motivate purchase.

Easily edit your site. While we include unlimited content updates (done for you), you’re empowered to conveniently make changes. You and your team can quickly update content, including pictures.


Mobile ready and responsive.

Meet clients where they’re at with view that adapts to any device – desktop, tablet, or smartphone. We exercise the mobile ready best practice to make sure your site always displays clearly and accurately on any screen. We apply responsive development that automatically adjusts the view to the browser from which you’re searching. This makes your site accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Search engine friendly.

We lay the groundwork that allows search engines to scan or “crawl” the content on your site. This way, inbound marketing and SEO experts can take over with a solid search friendly foundation. Meet our partners, marketing companies that can help you get found online.

Grow Your Business with Mvestor Media

All of our plans give you freedom to run your business.

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Full support and unlimited content updates.

Stay up to speed at all times. We handle 100% of the routine maintenance and security required for a site that’s protected, functional, and fast.

Make any changes anytime, with no extra effort or cost! As your company changes and grows, keep clients in the know with current content.  Simply call in or email your updates, and we’ll implement accordingly.

WordPress Hosting

Super fast and secure web hosting.

Generate business with a first-rate user experience. Clients make the decision to stay within seconds. What works? An attractive site that’s fast, functional, and easy to navigate.

A sluggish website equals evacuating visitors. We use WordPress-only hosting, because this ensures lightning speed page loads that keep clients interacting with your site and clicking to learn more.

Experience an interactive site on each and every visit.  We employ continuous backups for speed and protection. Our around-the-clock service guarantees full functionality.

Keep visitors on your site with a managed WordPress environment, daily and manual backups, built in security, and staging area for testing new changes.