Website Page Speed

Speed Racer: Speeding Up Your Page

Have you ever wanted to impress your love interest by showing them your small business’ website, only to show them a picture loading slower than the average snail? There isn’t anything more of a deal breaker than slow website speed. If your site takes half a month to load, it is time to consider increasing […]

wordpress plugins for image optimization

Is Your WordPress Site Slow to Load? Try These WordPress Plugins

If you’ve been following our web design blog, you may have noticed that when it comes to your website’s performance on the wold wide web, terms like SEO optimization and accessibility keep popping up. That’s because, in addition to your site’s web design and page load time, these are two of the most factors that […]

Why Page Speed Matters + 3 Ways to Speed Up Your Site

The decision to explore your website is made within a matter of seconds. Intelligent development, strategic design and psychologically adept content are major players in keeping your visitor in the game. Before those players even have a chance to encourage a visitor to dig deeper and take action, there is one factor that must be […]

The 3 Most Important Factors in Choosing a Web Host

Google search “web host”, and see how many findings pop up . Scanning through the resulting pages, you’ll find many you recognize, and many you don’t . With so many hosting options available today, it’s tough to decide which one to choose . Just like any company you’d contract, you want someone with whom you […]

WordPress Page Speed Presentation

A few days ago, I was able to to speak at the Las Vegas WordPress Meetup Group – WordPress, Lightning Fast Edition. I gave a WordPress Page Speed presentation, including topics on: Why we should focus on page speed in the first place What issues typically cause slow loading sites How users can fix slow […]

Leverage Browser Caching with W3 Total Cache

Leverage Browser Caching with W3 Total Cache

About a month ago, I posted on a basic setup of W3 Total Cache, a WordPress plugin designed to decrease page load times to improve user experience and SEO. Based on the needs of visitors here, I thought I would go more in-depth into the browser caching feature of W3TC. How To Leverage Browser Caching […]

Leverage Browser Caching with W3 Total Cache

Easy W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin Configuration

Recently, I’ve been diving into the somewhat complicated subject of page speed, simply to provide a good user experience and improve SEO for my clients. I came across a widely known and recommended plugin, W3 Total Cache. Upon WordPress download, unpacking, and activation, the general settings screen was extremely terrifying. The general settings page contains […]