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Speed Racer: Speeding Up Your Page

Have you ever wanted to impress your love interest by showing them your small business’ website, only to show them a picture loading slower than the average snail? There isn’t anything more of a deal breaker than slow website speed. If your site takes half a month to load, it is time to consider increasing the page speed, so you are not wasting your target audience’s time while they are trying to see your “About Us” page.

Someone making the decision to explore your website happens within a matter of seconds. Intelligent development, strategic design, and psychologically adept content are significant players in keeping your visitor in the game.

Considering Your Website Speed

The opportunity to grab the visitor’s attention is finite; you have mere seconds to make the only impression that matters. Speed dramatically increases the probability that visitors will give your site a chance, stay on the page and engage.

You want the Mercedes of websites because loading speed dramatically influences the amount of time a visitor spends on your site.

When the initial page loads quickly:

  • The probability of the visitor stays on your site increases.
  • The bounce rate (who arrives and leaves on the first page) decreases.
  • The conversion rate increases, which means more visitors enter their emails and contact information, request services or make purchases.

A fast-loading site subconsciously communicates to the visitor that you value their time.

You don’t want them to feel like they’re held hostage to the incessantly rotating hourglass while your pictures take eight years to load. Empower them to make fast decisions and have their choices rewarded instantly. Deliver the results they desire with zero wait time.

The importance of search engine value speed

Do you want your target audience to reach you when they search for your business type? Your extremely slow is not benefiting you when it comes to ranking on Google. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing factor your page speed into their ranking algorithms. Just as the business owner values their clients’ user experience, search engines similarly regard page speed as an indication that the site upholds this methodology.

Search engines value fast loading sites because they are a demonstration of consistent updates, active involvement and a commitment to the user experience.

How to Increase Your Website Speed

Your business has a lot to offer, and you want your audience to discover all of your services, but the image you hand-picked for your homepage is keeping people from exploring further. Slow website speed only prevents people from also exploring your site since they can’t even get past the hero image.

Compress your images

Since we are speaking of hero images, large pictures may seem aesthetically pleasing to you, but full-size pictures take a century for people to load. Oversized pictures are a significant contributor to slow loading sites. Create web-friendly photos with a photo compressor or image optimizer. This way you can reduce image size without sacrificing quality.

Add this WordPress Plugin to make your pictures smaller: Shortpixel Image Optimizer

Regulate your plugins

It’s easy to pile up WordPress Plugins like unused junkyard cars. They take up unnecessary space, affect loading times, and clog up the works when left unattended. Perform regular site audits by setting a monthly alarm for yourself. When that bell chimes, check to see if you are currently using all activated Plugins and eradicate the rest!

Invest in supportive web hosting

You get what you pay for with cheap web hosting. Hosts that charge pennies cram hundreds and thousands of sites on a single server. You and the user suffer, as a result. Learn the 3 Most Important Factors in Choosing a Web Host to keep your pages loading fast.

Mvestor Handles Your Website Maintenance

If you are in desperate need of upgrading your website, look towards Mvestor for your website products needs. We will update your site when needed and help maintain it efficiently. Connect with us today for your webpage needs.

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