How to make a website easy to navigate

How to Make a Webpage Easy to Navigate

UX is potentially the most important element of web design. Its sole purpose is to get you to stay on the website, simply by making you enjoy your time there and making it easier to find what you’re looking for. After all, it’s all about how enjoyable the experience is. That’s why web page navigation is absolutely vital when comes to designing your website.

Here are the best ways to make your web page easy to navigate.

Our Tips for the Best Web Page Navigation

Make it clear and organized

When it comes to navigation, one of the main points is just knowing where everything is. By making the categories or clickable sections clear and visible, you’ll be saving the user a lot of trouble and giving them a much greater navigating experience. Always consider web accessibility. When designing your menus, think carefully about grouping subpages in the most logical way.

Include ALT text for all clickable images

This one may seem odd, but trust us—ALT text is important. While an ALT text should go in every image you put on our site, it’s especially important for the ones that are links. This lets people know where they are going, regardless of how they are viewing your site.

Use accurate and clear titles

Your website shouldn’t be a maze. That’s a given. So when people go to your website looking for a blog page or an “About Us” page, it should be clearly labelled. Even though you want people to spend a long time on your website, you don’t want them to take a long time to look for something that should be in direct eyesight. If you want your web page navigation to be effective, don’t confuse your viewers with strange titles or links.

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