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4 Web Design Standards to Have In Mind

We always admire a website who has engaging content and simplistic design to not distract us from the purpose of being there. Many development teams follow web design standards to achieve these refreshing and illuminating websites. These website design essentials are the little black dresses of development work; they always manage to look good. Companies who try to be rebellious and break the standards often develop horrible sites no one dares to visit. Sometimes it is rewarding to follow the rules, as you get more of your target audience to stay on the website.

4 Web Design Standards to Remember

Practicing these web design and development not only helps you with an aesthetically pleasing website, but it will enrich the relationship the target audience will have with your business. While we all want to be as creative as possible for our site, minimalism wins this fight for web design.

Logo on top left

This standard might make you be more alert when browsing a website, and begin to see if the company’s logo is on the left. Almost all sites will have their brand logo on the top left of the website, as to possible catch people’s eye. Go left when deciding where to place your trademark on your site.

Value proposition is high and visible

What does your company do or what services do you provide? Many companies forget their value proposition to be clear and front on their homepage, and this is a prime example of what not to do for web design. Someone who is browsing your site should immediately know what your company does and what you offer. It will take them away from exploring further into your website if they are confused on your unknown services.

Social media information in the footer

Since so many people use social media in their everyday life, your company needs to have high visibility on all of the platforms. Sharing your profiles in the footer in forms of icons helps your target audience stay connected and updated on all the happenings of your business. Likes for likes?

Main navigation on the top bar

One of the crucial web design standards is to have your menu on the top of your homepage, so your users have easy access to the destination they need. If you want to be eccentric and place your main navigation somewhere else, you might confuse your audience, and they might leave the site altogether. Standard locations for your menu is a website best practice for keeping your people on your website.

Do You Still Need Help with Your Web Development and Design?

Building a site is not an easy task, but luckily, you can rely on MVestor Media helping your website design to be engaging while still following web design standards. We work with you to have the site to make your target audience stay on it for a long time. Connect with us today to see how we can help you!

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