Web Design Best Practices 2018

Web Design Best Practices to Use in 2018

We are already halfway through 2018, but is your web design still stuck in the pre-era of Y2K? It’s understandable to be wary of updating to a more modern web design since you feel you might break a “good thing.” Having this mindset prevents new consumers experiencing your products and getting traffic to your site. These 2018 web design best practices will guide you to what your website is in need to keep up with the trends of this year.

Don’t let your website get left behind in the relics of yesteryear and implement some of these web design standards for 2018 to redesign your company site.

Top 5 Web Design Best Practices for 2018

Your company site needs an update often due to the trends of consumers and the traffic driven to websites. Web development best practices guide you to the user-friendly and useful website your company needs. Here are five crucial elements for what your web design needs in 2018.

1. Focus on your loading time

Do you like waiting for a page to load even when you’re on the fastest mobile network or wifi? Fast loading time helps your consumers get to where they need to get to without having to wait for an unnecessary feature to load in the background. Pagespeed Insights by Google allows you to check the speed of your website and where you need improvements.

2. Socialize a little

The power of social media only grows every year, and 2018 is no exception. Not using social media by now is only damaging your chances of engaging your potential clientele. Everyone is on social media, and it is often something they visit even before getting to your website! Remember to have your social icons on your homepage so you can connect outside of your site.

3. Did you get the email?

People are always checking their email, which is why one of the most useful web design best practices is to consider email marketing for your company. Email forms on your website sync to your email marketing system to make a seamless connection for newsletters or email campaigns.

4. Check your phone

Most people use their phone for their web use, so it is vital for your web design to be mobile friendly. A mobile and desktop ready site opens your options for more consumers to reach your business and not have a website too big to see on their smart device.

5. Google that

Search engine optimization is the little black dress of web design best practices as it is timeless and so necessary. Engaging content and onsite SEO tags make your site one step closer to reaching your desired audience. We google everything, and search engine optimization helps your website be in the top results for those looking for services you offer.

Need Help with Your Web Design Best Practices?

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