Small Business Website Redesign

Sign It’s Time for a Small Business Website Redesign

We’ve previously discussed the importance of creating a functional small business web design, and now we’re tackling redesigns. A small business website should evolve as the business evolves to meet the needs of the current customer base. Here are some signs that indicate you need a small business website redesign.

Signs Your Small Business Website Needs a Redesign

A small business website may need to be redesigned for a variety of reasons. Your website may be due for a redesign if your industry is constantly evolving or to stay current in the ever-changing Interweb.

Your small business web design no longer reflects your brand

As a small business grows, its brand naturally grows alongside it and the website should too. The redesign of a website is justified to reflect any changes in branding such as:

  • Logo
  • Offerings
  • Color Schemes

The biggest web design mistake that you can make is not considering your customers. It is a disservice to the business and customers not to reflect important changes in branding in the web design.

It’s not easy to navigate

A great way to test the navigation of a website is to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and pretend you are looking for a specific service or piece of information. If that information is more than two clicks away, you need to consider a redesign with easier navigation. Any information more than two clicks away is considered tedious and boring to find in the eyes of web users.

You don’t have a responsive web design

If your website is not compatible on every screen, from smaller smartphone to large desktops, then your website needs to be redesigned. Without a responsive web design, you are potentially losing business every time a customer visits your website form an incompatible device. Increase your business and customer satisfaction by designing a responsive website.

Your website is loading slowly

A slow website is the ultimate sign that your small business website needs a redesign. Slow loading times are frustrating to deal with and lead to higher bounce rates. Users expect websites to load in less than two seconds, so loading times as long as five seconds call for a web redesign.

Your web design is not modern

While three years may not seem like a long time, if your website is older than three years then it needs to be redesigned. A website that is older than five years then it will definitely look outdated, especially when compared to your competition. Your website is credibility builder and a modern web design reflects your business is up to date and looking towards the future

Redesign Your Small Business Web Design with Mvestor

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