What's missing from your web design

You Won’t Believe What’s Missing from Your Small Business Web Design

You may already know about the web conventions that your website needs to follow to meet user expectations. Don’t suffer from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and uncover what important elements may be missing from your small business web design.

You Won’t Believe What’s Missing from Your Small Business Web Design

Search Engine Optimized content

The once complex world of SEO has become one of the most important web design basics. The content on your website should reflect your company values and convey your brand messaging. Content can be optimized through:

  • Onpage optimization
  • External signals
  • Blogging

Good web content can serve as a lead generation tactic. A study discovered that 93% of online journeys begin at a search engine. Websites not optimized for search engines will fail to appear in the SERP and will not lead current and potential clients to your business website.

Effective social media presence

Social media can be combined with elements of web design to lead customer to your website. A social media profile that is not updated daily might as well be considered inactive. Social media is one of the main drivers of brand awareness in the 21st century.

Be sure to include social media buttons on your website. Your social posts need to be created strategically to match your brand. Once you harness the power of social media you can:

  • Discover what posts your customers prefer
  • Find the best times to post
  • Engage with prospects and provide customer service

Customer testimonials

Adding customer testimonials to your small business web design is a great way to build trust with potential clients. Word-of-mouth can be created through wide variety of third-party business rating services, so you should encourage your customers to review your business there. A customer testimonial page allows you to highlight your most satisfied customers.

Photo gallery

You should take great pride in the products and/or services that you provide for your customers. A photo gallery showcasing your best work acts as a lead generation strategy and can convert a prospect into a customer. WordPress has a collection of great photo gallery plugins, such as Envira Gallery.

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