Best WordPress Plugins of 2017

A Year in Review: Best WordPress Plugins of 2017

Earlier this year, we covered our favorite WordPress plugins. Now we are ranking the top WordPress plugins in all categories from E-commerce to search engine optimization. Discover the best WordPress plugins of 2017 for your web design.

A Year in Review: Best WordPress Plugins of 2017

WordPress is already the most popular content management system in the world thanks to its flexibility and customizability. WordPress can be further customized through the use of plugins, which enhances the web experience for web surfers and web designers alike. WordPress provides over 50,000 plugins and many of them are free or freemium services.

WordPress Zero Spam

The WordPress Zero Spam plugin checks content and filters out spam by processing and analyzing data in real time. This highly efficient plugin learns and evolved daily to fight against the latest tactics by the proficient spammers. To use it, you can follow three steps:

  • Install: by selecting the best plan for your website
  • Configure: head to the configuration and settings screen for a one-time configuration
  • Relax: users can have peace of mind knowing their website is protected from spam

This plugin is free for everyone and available on the WordPress Plugin Repository. This plugin made the list for its efficiency in eliminating spam, the most hated content on the Internet.

Shortpixel Image Optimizer

Free WordPress plugins are always appreciated, because you can take full advantage of their functions for free! However, make no mistake that this free plugin can be of great use to your site. This plugin is essential for websites high in images as it decreases site loading speed and saves bandwidth.

Shortpixel replaces all post images, thumbnails, and media content with optimized and compress versions. This plugin made the list because it can help image heavy websites increase in speed, which leads to lower bounce rate. Shortpixel is offered for free along with paid upgrades depending on the amount of image use.


We have previously covered this plugin and we love it for its functionality. Jetpack was created to keep WordPress sites secure, but it also engages with readers to increase web traffic. From adding expert quality media to automatic sharing on social media platforms, this plugin can seemingly do it all.

While it’s a freemium plugin, most of its features can be used for free. Opting to pay for the paid services increases security, support and adds video hosting and site monetization.


As one of the best free WordPress plugins, WooCommerce, allows web store owners and developers to “sell anything beautifully.” The creators of this plugin boast about the freedom and control that WooCommerce allows store owners and developers.

This plugin tracks inventory and alerts stores owners when to restock their webstore, calculates shipping and tax rates, and allows payment fixability through: credit/debit card, checks, PayPal and cash-on-delivery. It’s no wonder that WooCommerce powers 30% of all online stores!

Yoast SEO

Yoast is our favorite and one of the best WordPress plugins. It helpfully guides webmasters through optimizing content and improving rankings on the search engine results page. It uses colors to measure readability and makes suggestions based on image alt text, meta descriptions and focus keywords to improve ranking.

This plugin made the list because SEO is more relevant than ever. The number of people using search engines is continuously increasing. If your goal is to gain and sustain top rankings online, Yoast is the MVP plugin of 2017.

The Best WordPress Web Design

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