Top 5 Web Design Mistakes

Top 5 Web Design Mistakes Driving Away Customers

When searching online, customers today are highly tech-savvy and know what they want to see in a business website. There are a countless errors that could cause customers to exit a website in the blink of an eye. We are counting down the top five web design mistakes that are driving away your customers.

Top 5 Web Design Mistakes Driving away Your Customers

First impressions are important and your website is the first interaction your customers will have with your business. Avoiding web design mistakes goes hand-in-hand with improving business.

1. Outdated web design

The business website is the online face of any business and should be modern and updated to keep up with the times. Your website is a representation of your business, an outdated web design will make your business look outdated. If your website looks like it was design in 1995, you have an embarrassing problem.

How can your web design look outdated? Every business is on social media, if you aren’t providing links to social media your web design comes off as behind the times. Social media is essential for online image and a modern web design, so make sure you provide links and buttons to your social media profiles.

2. Not mobile friendly

In the age of smartphones, people are consuming content and making purchases using their mobile phones. As a result, it would be a huge web design mistake to not have a website that is optimized for mobile phones. Responsive web design involves creating a website with screen size and user behavior as the main driver, this includes a small smartphone screen.

3. Grammatical errors

Most basic things to avoid when designing a website? Spelling and grammatical errors will make your website look sloppy and shows carelessness. It’s a bad reflection of your business and gives customers the perception that you don’t care about the website.

Simple mistakes like using the wrong variations of their/there/they’re or you/you’re can be avoided by proofreading. Try using an online tool such as Grammarly to improve grammar and avoid spelling errors.

4. No call to action

A call to action is an instruction or direction that guides online users through a website. You need to guide customers through where to go with calls to actions such as “Buy now” or ”Click here.” This makes for smoother navigation and eliminates ambiguity and mystery.

5. Autoplaying ads

Autoplay advertisements are the most annoying website mistakes to avoid. Ads with music or video content that autoplays is extremely disruptive and a sure way to drive a customer away from your website. This includes pop-up and scrolling ads, which are a huge turn off to modern web surfers.

Drive Customers to Your Website

At Mvestor Media, our team of web wizards takes extra steps to avoid even the smallest web design mistakes. We know the important correlation between your website and the success of your business. Discover how our WordPress web design can drive your customers to your website.

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