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Basic Web Conventions to Follow When Creating a Small Business Web Design

Web conventions are a basic set of rules that web designers follow in order to meet online user expectation, not web development conferences. Web conventions are industry standards that outline clarity and usability in web design. These web design basics can help small businesses create more efficient websites.

Basic Web Conventions to Follow When Creating a Small Business Web Design

Web conventions in a successful website

Successful web designs utilize web conventions to avoid user confusion and improve experience. When designing a website, small business owners make the mistake of choosing a complicated web design. A complex web design is distracting and confusing to users, which can lead to user frustration and increased bounce rate.

Web conventions help websites succeed by through simplification. Users should be able to navigate effortlessly through a website. Their answers to their questions and concerns should be readily available and found quickly and easily.

Web conventions help users easily understand and navigate websites, which in turn breeds familiarity. If users are familiar themselves with your content, they are more likely to return to your website. Google Analytics allows webmasters to examine the frequency of sessions from web users.


The location of logos has become a web convention. To abide by this web convention, place your company’s  logo on the top left side of your webpage. The top 10 most visited websites of 2017, such as Amazon and Facebook, all incorporate their logo on the top left side of their webpages.

This web convention reassures website visitors the identity of the website they are visiting. This is especially important if your brand is not as recognizable as Amazon and Facebook.

Why else is the placement of the logo important? Web surfers are accustomed to the logo being a link back to homepage.

Navigation bar

The navigation bar is the compass that guides visitors through a website’s most common pages such as Home, About Us and Contact Us. It is a web convention to always have it visible at the top of the webpage at all times.

If you don’t follow this web convention, navigation will be a frustrating task for visitors to your website. Think of a website as a store and the web pages as the aisles. Not having a navigation bar is like looking for the electronics section of a retail store without signs or labels signaling the location of the aisles.

Link system

Hyperlinks are portals that connect one webpage to another. Clicking on links has become second nature to the majority of web users. It has become an instinct to click on words or phrases that are underlined and highlighted in a different color than the rest of the content on a webpage.

This web convention can be broken if you design your webpage with random fonts and start underlining content without adding a hyperlink for emphasis. This will confuse web users and might lead them away from your webpage. If you need to emphasize a word or phrase, opt to bold it or capitalize it, but never underline or change the font color.

Mvestor Will Make Your Web Design Convention-al

As a web developer in Las Vegas, we follow even the most basic web conventions to create high-quality websites. Visit our website to double check the location of our logo, navigation bar and use of hyperlinks, then contact us to help with your small business web design.

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