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Web Wizards Gather from around the World at Web Development Conferences

As summer winds down, conference season has already started to kick it into high gear, especially in the technology industry. When it comes to creating and sharing their knowledge in everything from web design basics to web development wizardry, autumn is the season for web development conferences, and we have our eyes on events that are happening all around the world.

Global Gatherings of Web Developers and Designers 2017


When: September 2017

Where: Berlin, Germany

The ninth installment of this global web development conference will be happening in conjunction with this year’s IFA as well. According to the event’s homepage, droidcon is a “global developer conference series and a network focusing on the best of Android. The idea behind droidcon is to support the Android platform and create a strong network for developers and companies.”

Just this year, droidcon announced its partnership with IFA. Starting at this year’s event and going forward, IFA will now co-host droidcon Berlin while also providing droidcon partners and attendees free access to the IFA after the two-day droidcon event is over.

The IFA has been running since 1924 and is currently the world’s leading tradeshow for consumer electronics. This year’s IFA is expected to bring in more than 1,800 exhibitors and almost a quarter of a million visitors to the city of Berlin over the course of six days.

Pacific Northwest PHP Web Development Conference 2017

When: September 2017

Where: Seattle, Washington

This three-day event is held annually in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Although the Pacific Northwest PHP Conference was initially for PHP and Web developers, past conferences have featured world-renowned speakers from the PHP and web development community alike. Speakers are invited to engage with audiences about a wide array of topics that includes everything from APIs and developing for CMS platforms like WordPress, to unit testing and version controls.

This year’s featured expositions include seminars on integrating JavaScript and other languages to enhance the coding ability to aspire WordPress web designers and web developers by enabling them to include any other language alongside PHP in their work.

NAGW Annual Conference 2017

When: September 19-22, 2017

Where: San Diego, CA, USA

The 15th annual National Association of Government Web Professionals Conference will be happening in San Diego this year. The conference, which is the only web conference designed for government web professionals, focuses on providing web developers opportunities for professional development.

The conference welcomes a diverse array of web professionals, and the list of attendees includes programmers, developers, designers, managers, and other government technology professionals who work at every level of government.

The two and a half day conference is designed with information and utility in mind. There will be three keynote presentations by nationally recognized speakers, 24 topical sessions for attendees to choose from, networking opportunities with peers and presenters, and access to online conference materials.

GOTO Copenhagen 2017

When: October 1-5, 2017

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

GOTO is a three-day conference featuring world-class speakers, workshops highlighting cutting edge technologies, and introduction to the methodologies and skills any web designer or developer needs to transform their work in new and innovative ways digitally.

According to event organizers, the goal of the conference isn’t just to provide essential information to web developers and designers, but also to help foster a sense of community and learning within the tech industry. Per the event website, “GOTO Copenhagen is organized “for developers by developers.”

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