Drive sales with web design

5 Essential Tips to Drive Sales with Your Web Design

Every business owner wants people to visit their website, but the point of having an online presence is to turn curious visitors into leads and then conversions. A conversion is when a web visitors converts from a lead into a sale. When analyzing conversion data, it’s possible to have a website with high traffic, but […]

Responsive Web Plugins

Top 5 Responsive Web Design WordPress Plugins

According to a recent study by Statista, 52.5% of all website traffic around the world generates from mobile phones. The research shows mobile web traffic has nearly doubled since 2014 and continues to grow steadily every year. The growing number of mobile web visitors create a strong demand for responsive web design and corresponding plugins. […]

Web Design Image Editors

Become Savvy in Image Editing with These Web Design Resources

An essential part of web design is staying up to date on innovations in design technology. Another important aspect is your web design color palette, as it sets the aesthetic tone of your site. Design resources that keep us savvy in the digital creation include web design image editors. Check out some of our favorites. […]

Millennials in web design

The Best Website Designs for Millennials: Attracting the Web’s Population to Your Business Website Part Two

A Millennial web design focuses on attracting the Internet’s savviest users to a website. According to the Boston Consulting Group, American Millennials make up a third of the workforce and wield $1.3 trillion in annual spending power. Embracing the best website designs for Millennials allows businesses to tap into the Internet’s most frequent inhabitants. What […]

Explaining code

Web Design Basics: Explaining Code

Have you ever wondered how a website is created? Believe it or not, it’s not as easy as logging into the best content management system in web design history and clicking on a few buttons. Source code in web design is the core of website creation and is instrumental in bringing sites to life. What […]

Small Business Web Design Tips: Saving Money for Your Web Design

In 2018, entrepreneurs face a new startup cost: a small business web design. The last thing your small website needs is an expensive redesign. We put together a list of small business web design tips to save entrepreneurs money and time on their entrepreneurial ventures. Small Business Website Design Tips for Entrepreneurs on a Budget […]

Why color is key in effective web design

The Psychology of Web Design: Why Color Is Key in Effective Website Design

In web design, color is a powerful design element that represents the brand and attracts potential customers. An effective website design utilizes color to suit the purpose of the site, boost page traffic, and reduce bounce rate. Uncoordinated color in web design results in a repelling and unappealing website. The Psychology of Web Design: Why […]

Videos in web design

What Not to Do! Mistakes to Avoid When Using Videos in Web Design

Marketers love to utilize video in web design in the form of video backgrounds to bring a sense of modern artistry to a website. Videos in web design improve customer engagement in ways that static images could never even dream of. However, there are certain strategies to avoid when introducing videos to your web design. […]

Benefits of a professional website design

Benefits of a Professional Website Design

A web redesign is necessary every three years to keep up with the ever changing trends around the Internet. Small business owners often make the mistake of designing a website themselves or waste money by hiring an amateur. Opting to invest in a professional web designs improves marketing efforts, and saves business owners time and […]

Millenials web design

Millennial Web Design: Attracting the Web’s Population to Your Business Website

We have previously discussed the importance of reflecting the needs of your target audience in your web design. 77 million strong, the Millennial generation makes 25% of the US population, and they are all online. The best website designs for Millennials include high-speed and simplicity. Learn more about the elements of a Millennial web design. […]