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The Best Website Designs for Millennials: Attracting the Web’s Population to Your Business Website Part Two

A Millennial web design focuses on attracting the Internet’s savviest users to a website. According to the Boston Consulting Group, American Millennials make up a third of the workforce and wield $1.3 trillion in annual spending power. Embracing the best website designs for Millennials allows businesses to tap into the Internet’s most frequent inhabitants.

What Else Attracts Millennials to a Website?

Attractive links to social media

What attracts Millennials to a website? Videos on social media! Millennials are the most active social media users, and they want to know your brand. Your Internet marketing strategy should focus on connecting with Millennials by educating them about your brand and offerings.

According to the Huffington Post, Millennials trust in brands increases with strong social media presence. Approximately 80% of Millennials trust brands more if they’re socially active online, while more than half report frequently keeping up with businesses on social media. Keep your social media icons visible on your website and attract Millennials on social media to your site with video in web design.


Millennials value the having convenience and the power of the world at their fingertips. Companies such as Airbnb, Dropbox, and Uber have websites that appeal to millennials and successful track records when appealing to Millennials. Draw inspiration from these companies and actively improve UX and streamline interfaces to ensure a convenient process.

Millennials are more likely to pay closer attention to products on a website if they have a positive user experience.

Live chatbots

Chatbots allow visitors to quickly connect to a representative to answer questions about the business. Chatbots appeal to the Millennial need for instant gratification and convenience. According to Forbes, the majority of Millennials have used live chatbots and have positive reviews about their experiences.

Chatbots address Millennials and their on-demand schedules. No one wants to wait on hold to get in touch with a customer representative if they can immediately connect to a live bot. You don’t need a chatbot to appeal to Millennials, but be sure to keep the lines of communication to your business alive through:

  • Email
  • Skype ID
  • Social media

Twitter is a great way to reach out and quickly communicate with customers on the go

Find the Best Website Designs for Millennials at Mvestor

Embracing the best website designs for Millennials is critical for all online businesses. At Mvestor, we design the best website designs to appeal to any target market. Learn how our web design maintenance services can help you keep your website modern.

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