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Millennial Web Design: Attracting the Web’s Population to Your Business Website

We have previously discussed the importance of reflecting the needs of your target audience in your web design. 77 million strong, the Millennial generation makes 25% of the US population, and they are all online. The best website designs for Millennials include high-speed and simplicity. Learn more about the elements of a Millennial web design.

What Attracts Millennials to a Website?

Websites that appeal to Millennials are high-speed and simple with resilient web designs. False stereotypes about Millennial laziness and selfishness can be detrimental to your business website. To attract Millennials web content needs to be as conscious about their busy schedules, as it is about the environment.

Mobile access and multi-screen use

Millennials are described as “glued to their phones” by other generations. The vast majority of Millennials use the mobile web, because of the fast access to information. There are approximately 3 billion mobile users worldwide and they are set to double to 6.1 billion by 2020, so not having a resilient web design would be a mistake.


A millennial web design needs to focus on philanthropy. Millennials prefer businesses that stand up for what they believe in, so it’s important to highlight charity work on your website. TOMS Shoes was embraced by Millennials for their “One for One” social entrepreneurship.

Simplicity and speed

Millennials are busy young people focused on fast-paced schedules and tight deadlines. They prefer simple web designs that’s easy to understand and read. A dense and complex web design will drive tech-savvy Millennials away from your website.

Millennials don’t have the patience or attention span to wait for a web page to load. Your website’s loading speed can be the difference between a Millennial browsing your website and a high bounce rate.

Do you want to show something? Show it! Do you want to say something? Say it! A Millennial-friendly web design presents information in a speedy and upfront manner.


Your website is fast and mobile-friendly, now what? The content on your website should be warm and inviting. Millennials prefer reactive content with loose, informal language. For example, instead of a traditional and rigid presentation opt for a fun skit or video.

Video visuals

Including video in web design is proven to be an effective medium for spreading information and messages, especially to Millennials. Video as a web design element helps improve engagement as visual content is more appealing to younger generations. Brands and companies need to keep up with technology and adapt their web designs to their target market.

Attract Millennials to Your Website with Mvestor

A Millennial web design is the future of e-commerce and businesses should appeal to this tech-savvy audience. At Mvestor, we’ll design a website to cater to any target market. Learn more about our small business web design and how it can help you appeal to your target market.

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