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The Top 5 Website Trends in E-Commerce 2018

2018 brings a new year and new set of web design trends to include on your website. It’s difficult to determine which trends will drive customers to your site and improve sales. Here are some of the top website trends driving e-commerce in 2018 that will improve user experience.

2018 Website Design Trends in E-Commerce

Augmented reality

An interactive visual representation is the new way to showcase products. Consumers want to experience products as close to their real life counterpart as possible. Augmented reality gives online shoppers the customer experience they crave. IKEA’s Place app allows customers to place virtual furniture in their home.

Brighter colors

Websites will come to life with brighter colors in 2018. Expect to see a brilliant burst of colors across the Internet this year. This new website trend will rise in popular as a tool to catch attention. To catch the attention of your customers, introduce the right color palette in your website.

Mobile payments

New website trends 2018 will bring will need to heavily focus on mobile optimization. Mobile shopping drives sales for all businesses with 10% of retail sales coming from e-commerce. All business owners need to adapt to the increasing traffic from mobile phone users.

A mobile-friendly web design is not just mobile optimization, but it also includes user-friendly payment gateway features. Improved mobile payment options are another one of the website trends 2018 brings. Business websites need to implement smoother payment gateways to offer customers a better shopping experience.

Motion animation

Motion animation is one of the most exciting 2018 website design trends. It currently reigns as the most current and trendy way to show off products and their functions. Pro tip: combine motion animation with augmented reality to give customers an excellent user experience.

Voice search

It’s estimated that by 2020, 50% of search will be done using a voice recognition features. Integrating voice search into your web design will grab more attention than bright colors and increase more traffic than simplified mobile payments. Combining all these website trends will give your customers the customer experience they want, all while improving your sales.

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Any website trend that improves user experience is going to drive e-commerce in 2018. At Mvestor Media, our team of web experts know which trends will drive customers to your business website. Contact us to learn how we combine web design basics and expert knowledge to create your dream website.

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