Top Web Design Trends in 2018

The Top Web Design Trends to Achieve Success in 2018

Resilient web design was the hot trend of 2017, as it stripped down web development to the basics for maximum simplicity and user experience. In 2017, websites experienced a wider implementation of responsive web design with an increased focus on mobile web design. This new year, web design will be influenced by the continuous increase of mobile web users and user experience.

Here are the top web design trends we predict will takeover 2018.

The Best Web Design Trends in 2018

A mobile first approach

With half of the web traffic coming from mobile phones, not having a mobile-optimized website in 2017 was the biggest web design mistake. In 2018, most website visits are predicted to be links from social media. Google is updating its Mobile First Index in 2018, making a mobile-first approach the forefront of web design trends.

Card-style web design

Card design provides a fresh, new way to organize a website. As one of the popular new web design trends, card web design brings a look and feel similar to Pinterest. Card-style layout includes website design focused on a grid-like layout to link to other pages.

Business homepages will feature a few full-width cards along the horizontal divide. This new trend increases user engagement thanks to its simplified design and ease of use.

High-quality photos

Display technology is improving every year and with that comes the need for higher quality images. Look for more homemade, yet well-crafted photographs instead of photographs for your website in 2018. Higher quality images improve branding in every industry, breathing new life into images of products and services.

Inbound videos

High-quality video production was once expensive, but technology has made it available and affordable to nearly any business. Videos in web design allow businesses to personalize messaging towards their audience, direct to landing pages and forms, and improve user engagement.

Perhaps the one of the most important website design trends 2018 brings is increased use of onsite videos, including the introduction of the video header.

The fall of the hero header

Hero headers have been a popular web design trend, because they pique user interest with a minimalistic approach. The increased use of videos in web design will bring the fall of the hero header and the introduction the video header. With auto-play becoming a norm and videos accounting 70% of Internet traffic, video headers will allow business websites to creatively express their brand.

Keeping Up with Web Design Trends 2018

Web design trends come and go every year. It’s important to update your business website to stay current with modern web design. At Mvestor Media, our web wizards are prepared to update our web development process to coincide with any website design trends 2018 throws our way. Connect with us to learn more!

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