Web Design Feedback

Web Design Feedback to Create the Best Website

You already know how we create our successful web designs, and as our clients, your feedback is instrumental in the creation of your websites. The web design feedback clients provide helps web designers and developers create websites that meet their needs and desires. We know giving constructive web design feedback can be intimidating, so here are some tips to help you help us build the best website.

Web Design Feedback to Create the Best Website

How to give feedback on a website design

First and foremost, communication between the client and the web developer is key. Before the web design process begins, communicate your needs and desires to your web designer. Your website reflects your brand and the values of your business.

When reaching out to the web designer, remember that you are an expert in your field and customers. A web developer will take your knowledge and create a website that understands your customers and business.

Provide detail-oriented web design feedback

Web designers and developers are a detail-oriented bunch and they will appreciate thorough feedback. Your web design feedback should not just be a list of likes and dislikes. Web designers are not mind readers, but they can build your ideal website if you provide the right visual cues, examples, and constructive criticism.

Delve deep into why you like/dislike a feature on the website by focusing on the goals of your site, but on trivial design preferences. Maybe it doesn’t reflect your brand? Or you don’t think a feature reflects the needs of your customers. Describe which of your needs is not being met and why it is important to include those needs on the site.

Don’t focus on the negatives

You know that there’s a long list of common web design mistakes. With that in mind, it’s easy to become trapped in a negative mindset by providing a list of features you dislike about a web design. However, communicating the strengths and positive aspects of your website to your designer is equally important.

Provide feedback on website details by presenting negative and positive feedback hand-in-hand. This will give your web designer a deeper understanding of your vision. Keep in mind that you will be working with a web designer for a long time, so it’s important for them to understand your likes and dislikes.

Respect the web designer and process

Your web designer should provide you with an overview of their process and highlight the best times to make changes along with the added cost. Remember that your web designer is a part of your team, so be respectful when providing web design feedback! To stay current, web designs need to be re-designed every three years, and you will want to return to a designer that knows what’s best for you and your business.

How to Give Constructive Feedback to Designers at Mvestor

At Mvestor Media, your feedback is essential, critical, and appreciated, because it helps us create the best web designs. As our customer, you identify your problems and goals, while our team of web wizards identify the solutions to apply to your web design. Learn more about our web development process, today!

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