How to Choose a Domain Name

How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Business

Your domain name is the unique address that helps identify your website on the Internet. Coming up with a memorable domain name is a challenging task for businesses, because it needs to be unique and meaningful to attract the right customers. Here are some tips that the Internet doesn’t want you to know to help you choose a domain name.

What the Internet Doesn’t Want You to Know About the Domain Name for Your Business

Keep it short and simple

The domain name is how web visitors will find you online. Once your customers are familiar with your website, they will visit your website directly by typing the domain name into the URL address bar. A domain that is short and simple will be easier to remember and find directly.

According to Gaebler, the top five website domain names are approximately six characters in length. Keep this in mind when constructing your domain name.

Domain names are unique and creative

Domain names are the unique fingerprints of websites. Millions of registered domain names exist and no two are identical. Let your creativity blossom when choosing a domain name.

A creative domain name is catchy and memorable. Remember that your domain name represents your brand, so it needs to stand out. Generic domain names were once considered to be ideal, but now we advise strongly against them.

Be careful when using keywords

Using industry-specific keywords as a guide to get started choosing a domain name. The best practice is to include a keyword at the beginning of the domain name. Avoid awkwardly stuffing your domain name with keywords, as they are generic and unmemorable.

The best domain names ever

The secret to creating the best domain names lies in a short-length and unique branding. The most expensive domain names ever sold include names such as,, and Don’t let the Internet fool you! Those domain names are generic and based on keywords.

What is the secret to the best domain names ever? The best websites have short, unique, and memorable domain names. Our best domain names list includes:

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Bing
  • Google
  • Yahoo

Appropriate domain extension

To finish off your ideal domain name you will need a domain extension as a suffix. It is a best practice to use top level domains (TLDs) to represent your professional website such as:

  • .com: the most common, used by commercial and business sites
  • .org is for nonprofit organizations
  • .edu: used by educational organizations
  • .gov: used by government agencies
  • .co: abbreviation for company, an alternative to .com
  • .info: used for informational services
  • .net: originally for network providers, but it became an alternative for .com

In recent years, new TLDs such as .vegas, .photographer, .shop, and .xyz have appeared. While the .com TLD is still preferred, these new TLDs are a great way to set your domain apart from the competition. Once you keep out website name suggestions in mind, we recommend using GoDaddy to set up all new domain purchases.

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