The Best Strategies to Use Video in Web Design

The Best Strategies to Use Video in Web Design

Web design mistakes like outdated web designs drive customers away from your website. Updates such as increased Internet speeds, higher bandwidth, and improved browser performance have made it possible to include videos in modern web design. Videos are a powerful tool to enhance user engagement, experience and attract customers. Learn how to properly include video in web design.

The Best Strategies to Use Video in Web Design

Create website introduction video

The background video in web design introduces the audience to the company or a main product/service. A welcoming background video effectively enhances a homepage as decoration or to communicate the elements of the brand. Impressive original content captivates visitors and familiarises them with the company’s brand.

Keep the video muted as sound can be distracting to the visitor. The biggest mistake websites with video backgrounds made in 2017, was keeping the sound

About Us video

The ‘About Us’ is considered the second most important webpage after the homepage. The webpage tells a story behind the business and aims to convince the visitor to become a lifelong customer. This page should connect with the audience in the most human way possible, which 40% websites fail to do.

An ‘About Us’ video provides a creative opportunity to tell a story and establish a personal connection with the audience. The video with a light behind-the-scenes look at the organization is more entertaining than reading. It can be as simple as a three minute showcase of the organization with personal interviews and voice overs.

Product videos

E-commerce is slowly taking over brick and mortar stores. Customers still want to see and touch certain products before they purchase them. This is the key advantage brick and mortar stores still have over E-commerce.

Videos highlighting the products are a great way for online customers to get close and personal with products before they purchase them. A video of a rotating product highlighting all its features helps bridge the gap between online shopping and brick and mortar stores. A product video shows the customer exactly what they want and why they should buy it, thus encouraging visitors to make a purchase.

A quick video exploring your products and services gives your customers the impression they experienced your product. A video is not the same as touching a product, but it’s a start. Thanks to the advancements in technology, we hope to one day video in web design will close the gap between brick and mortar and online shopping.

Add the Best Videos to Your Web Design

Successful brands took advantage of video in web design in 2017. Videos aren’t just another trend in web design and are sure to continue to revolutionize websites for years to come.

Whether you want to add a video to your ‘About Us’ section or include the best video header WordPress has to offer, our team of web wizards has mastered the art of successfully adding videos to web design. Contact us to learn how you can include video in your WordPress web design, today!

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