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Become Savvy in Image Editing with These Web Design Resources

An essential part of web design is staying up to date on innovations in design technology. Another important aspect is your web design color palette, as it sets the aesthetic tone of your site. Design resources that keep us savvy in the digital creation include web design image editors. Check out some of our favorites.

5 Most Interesting Web Design Image Editors

Affinity Designer

One of the winners of the Apple Design Award for 2015, Affinity Designer has cemented itself as a rival to industry leader, Adobe Photoshop, offering professional graphic design software and the best photo editor. The Mac-based software provides users with a more robust experience and a more efficient layout at a mere fraction of the cost. The offers Affinity on iPad and Affinity Photo for professional photo editing.


Color in web design and color theory have always been a major focus of web design websites, and we continue to see an emergence of more, exciting programs dedicated to that specific facet of design. Coolors is a small yet useful program that randomly generates color schemes that have proven to be useful for web design and allows you the option to personalize it as you wish. Over 300,000 have access to more than 640,000 color palettes for their web designing.

Color Safe

Sticking with the color theory theme, we also have Color Safe, a tool that helps web designers optimize the color contrast on their webpage. Color Safe looks at the text and background colors and helps optimize the page for improved readability. The color tool empowers designers with beautiful color palettes optimized for web design.


Pixelmator is a unique program amongst the growing number of graphics editing software currently available in that it has features specifically for web design and websites. While not nearly as robust or in-depth as Adobe’s Photoshop or Affinity Designer, Pixelmator is the top choice for those looking for a tool to help with simple web design projects. This program is more than just a basic photo editor, it provides users with an easy way to move, rotate, distort, and retouch images.


If you’re in need of an image editor that was built from the ground up for digital web design, then you’re in luck. Sketch will make the transition of designs into a digital format more natural than ever allowing users to combine symbols to create, reuse, and customize designs. Perhaps the most exciting feature Sketch has in its repertoire is the ease in which one can customize stock photography, giving you the ability to superimpose screenshots onto a stock photo almost instantly.

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