Re-Design Checklist: WordPress Website Design

Mvestor’s Re-Design Checklist: WordPress Website Design

Business websites need to be redesigned every three years to stay current with modern web design. A WordPress website design provides the web experience for website visitors and webmasters alike. We put together a checklist of important things to execute before entering the redesign process.

The Top 5 Things to Do Before a Web Redesign

Save important assets

Before you start your website redesign, save all your valuable assets such as videos, whitepapers, and other essential files published on your website. It’s a strong possibility you’ll reuse them later or recycle your files and modernize them. Backing up the entire website is not a bad idea, because you may want to look back on your website during the redesign phase.

Re-define the target market

Does your business serve different target markets? Did you acquire any target markets since the last time your website was redesigned? How will this reflect in your new design?

Analysing market segments may result in the discovery of new target markets. The best strategy would be to identify every target market and adjust elements to cater to all your customers. For example, if your website didn’t originally target Millennials and you discover a cluster of your new customers are young people, consider a Millennial web design.

Set new KPIs

Setting KPIs helps business owners measure success. To measure the long-term success of your new website set goals such as:

  • Bring in x amount of new customers every month
  • Increase online sales by a certain percentage
  • Reduce the number of customers abandoning their shopping cart

Identify new key features

Identify the new key features of your website to please current customers, attract new customers, and accomplish your goals. Adjust your new key features to match with current web design trends. Current trends state simplistic styles are better than complex web designs.

To reach your goals, it’s a good idea to include the following features on your website:

  • Appealing blogs
  • Attractive landing pages
  • Email newsletter
  • Multimedia elements
  • Online forms

Choose a content management system

The importance of a content management system in web design is more significant than ever, and WordPress provides the best CMS experience. A WordPress website design is the best solution for any small business owner thanks to simplicity and customization options. WordPress website design templates and themes allow for maximum customization with drag-and-drop functionality.

Check Off These Items From Your List with Mvestor

A custom WordPress website design is the best option for any business considering a redesign. Mvestor offers the best website design Las Vegas has to offer thanks to our web design experts. Contact us to learn more about your WordPress web design.

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