Drive sales with web design

5 Essential Tips to Drive Sales with Your Web Design

Every business owner wants people to visit their website, but the point of having an online presence is to turn curious visitors into leads and then conversions. A conversion is when a web visitors converts from a lead into a sale. When analyzing conversion data, it’s possible to have a website with high traffic, but low conversion. After an analysis of your conversion rate, you can drive sales with your web design.

How to Drive Sales with Your Web Design

Answer their questions with virtual chats

Virtual chats are the recommended strategy to measure the conversion rate of leads into conversions. Virtual chats provide customers with a way to receive quick answers they may have about your products or services. Knowing your audience plays a factor as younger customers may be turned off by having to make a phone call to your store.

A virtual chat allows for a quicker response rate than email. A five-minute virtual chat with a potential customer may be the deciding factor in making a sale.

Give customers a sample

People love promotions whether they’re in the form of free offerings or discounts. Present web visitors with a free whitepaper or coupon to entice them to make a purchase. A free whitepaper improves your brand recognition, while a coupon will motivate them to make a purchase and try your product.

How to increase business growth with videos

Video in web design is an underrated strategy to increase sales and conversion due to their engaging nature. Web visitors are more likely to engage with videos, so showcasing product videos on your website will give them an enhanced experience with your products. Video gives customers a sense of interaction they experience when they browse products at brick and mortar stores.

Signal trust with symbols

The impact of websites on business includes creating trust, as the goal is to make the buyer feel your business and products are trustworthy. Including symbols such as badges from PayPal, Yelp, and other review sites signal trustworthiness and familiarity. Customer testimonials signal trust and showcase your business from other the perspective of other customers.

Switch your colors

Color in web design affects visitor behavior thanks to the power of color psychology. Changing the colors of call to action (CTA) buttons can have a drastic change in conversion rate. For example, switching the color of a CTA button from green to red may result in higher conversion rates and boost mobile online sales.

There isn’t a set color for increasing conversion rates because it depends on the audience. Switching the color of CTA buttons is a strategy to make the button pop and draw attention. Understanding color psychology and knowing your audience is key to changing the color of your CTA buttons to make them pop.

Drive Sales with Your Web Design by Mvestor

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