Static Design vs WordPress

Static Design vs WordPress. What’s Best for Your Small Business Web Design?

When it comes to guiding business owners through the decisions that will make or break their online presence, one of the most frequently asked questions we get is why choose WordPress web design for small businesses over a static static HTML site?

Common Misconceptions about WordPress vs Static Web Design

Although some might say that the proof is already in the pudding when it comes to the accessibility, dynamism, and user-friendliness of WordPress CMS, there are a few more reasons business owners, in particular, want to veer away from static design alternatives.

Static HTML vs WordPress for business web design

It’s likely that you’ve at least heard of the HTML coding language even if you don’t have a background in web design. That’s because HTML or Hypertext Markup Language has served as the foundation for all of the computer programs and websites we see on the Internet.

Even now, static HTML serves at the framework for much of the Internet’s content; because static HTML works in conjunction with other coding languages, an experienced coder can weave multiple coding languages to create an online masterpiece. However, while a static website requires HTML coding for the most part, WordPress works to automate the process of creating the HTML for you, offering dynamism and a user-friendly platform.

What WordPress web design has to offer

As one of the most popular content management systems on the Internet, WordPress CMS is dynamic because it empowers small businesses owners to make updates on their site from a user-friendly interface that is also Search Engine friendly.

As many businesses owners know, when it comes to keeping your customers and potential new customers up to date and in the loop, your website is one of the best platforms of outreach. One of the reasons that WordPress powers more than one-quarter of the Internet, is that most changes can be made–even by absolute beginners.

When looking into web design options for your small business, especially WordPress, make sure that you don’t confuse the WordPress CMS, found at their .org site, with, which is a blog hosting service.

Advantages of implementing WordPress web design for small businesses

  • WordPress is easy to update, even for beginners still mastering web design basics.
  • WordPress is easy to use and intuitive interface for web developers and your audience.
  • Professional templates that are easy to create and customize, especially if you work with a WordPress, web designer.
  • Powerful plugins enhance site functionality and optimization, from adding forms to announcing scheduled events, and even hosting live webinars there are no limits to what functions you can offer to your audience.
  • With WordPress, you retain ownership and control of your content. Unlike other CMS platforms like, when you work with WordPress for your small business web design, you keep full control of your website, its domain name, and the entirety of its contents.

The merit of static HTML and why you should choose WordPress instead

As one of first coding languages to be widely used, static HTML is used in one form or another by practically every website on the Internet. However, unlike WordPress, which comes with a user interface to make changes faster and easier, static web design requires the full-time services of a web developer—as do any potential updates you may need to your web site in the future.

Because of how basic static HTML is, if you want your website to have enhanced features, your web designer will have to use a variety of coding languages to ensure that your web design is up to par; all of which could delay your web design’s development or launch.

Disadvantages of static web design

  • Static HTML coding means you can’t easily update your site unless you’re an experienced coder or you can afford to hire one; this includes smaller tasks like adding pages, updating or optimizing old content, and uploading media.
  • Static HTML doesn’t offer additional features, like plugins, that you can add to increase functionality when your business grows.
  • Custom static HTML can get expensive because each update or action on your website will necessitate contract work.

Your Small Business Web Design on a Trusted Platform

At Mvestor Media, our team is experienced at working with a broad range of clients to produce unique, professional, and effective business web design. Connect with us today to learn more about how we can hold down your web design so you can hold down the fort!

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