What is HTML?

What is HTML and What Does It Have to Do with My Web Design?

People seem to forget that creating a website used to take a long time. Web developers of websites’ past would type away hours of computer coding to make those pop-up ads pop. With the advent of WordPress, everything is streamlined. People could go throughout their amateur web design career without having to learn what HTML is.

What is HTML Exactly?

HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is a computer coding language. It creates the skeleton of the majority of pages on the world wide web. Since the emergence of the internet, HTML has been the foundation for the majority of computer and website programs. HTML works in conjunction with other coding languages, such as CSS, to render beautiful and complex website designs.

Of course, there are other coding languages, but HTML is the most popular and familiar.

How HTML code is composed

Computer programming experts write HTML following a specific set of rules. For example, all HTML must be written in a plain text editor like Notepad++.

All text must begin with <!doctype HTML> to render on browsers.

Afterward, everything following needs to be written in lines in between two brackets.

An example of hypertext markup language looks similar to this:




<title> Las Vegas Website Company</title>



<h2> What is HTML? </h2>


This is the most simplistic explanation of coding. While people can learn the basics in a few hours, creating more complex websites require more study.

Why Does this Matter?

As website creation becomes more sophisticated, it important to remember the foundations from which website design came. While most websites are rendered easily through WordPress or Wix, they still require the use of HTML. If, for example, content published incorrectly on your website or there’s a bug in the website’s system, having a basic understanding of HTML gives you more control over your website.

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