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Calling for More Calls to Action

Read this blog. Do it now. When you create your website, you need to create it in a way where everything is done in an instant. When they Google for your service or product, your website needs to pop up instantly. Once they are on your website’s homepage, they need to know how to navigate it instantly. When they find what they’re looking for, they need to contact someone instantly. How do they do that? With a web design standard: Calls to action.

What are calls to action?

A call-to-action (aka CTA) is a short imperative. It tells people what to do and provides a link to carry out the action. CTAs also aid in providing anchor text to other pages of your website to decrease bounce rate.

Calls-to-action are key to all types of businesses, societal communication, and effective website design. A recent example of a real-life call to action is, “Go vote,” or “Eat Here.” On business websites, a typical call-to-action can be “Contact Us,” “Click Here,” or “Order Now.”

Calls-to-action are vital to a business’s website success. If successfully implemented, a CTA can provide clarity, connection, navigation, and comprehension to a website. However, if implemented incorrectly, CTAs can confuse clients and drag down your business reputation.

The key to proper calls to action is strategic placement, which means placing them in plain sight with strong contrast in logical places such as the website header or footer. A call-to-action can also be more subtle, such as placing them strategically in the website’s content. For example, do you know about our website design packages? Check those out now.

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