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Web Design Basics: What is A/B Testing?

Just because your website has all the bells and whistles in the digital world, it doesn’t mean it will guarantee traffic conversion. Effective website design takes much more work to make traffic into potential clients. How do you know if you have effective website design? One way to test it is through A/B testing.

What Is A/B Testing?

A/B testing a simple, yet effective form of gathering data in the pursuit of creating an optimized product. The test is comparing two versions of a webpage, with one being the control and the other having a variant or variants somewhere on the webpage.

These variants include anything from adding more color contrast to a webpage or a total overhaul. No matter what you choose, each variant is created for the sole purpose of trying to improve your website’s traffic convergence.

Parameters of Effective A/B Testing

With a few minor adjustments, the parameters of an effective A/B test follows the scientific method.

Gather initial research

Look through your website’s analytics to determine what works and doesn’t work on your page. For example, look at your webpages with low drop off or convergence rates. Ask yourself what is causing people to become disinterested and look at your high convergence landing pages. Draw data from what makes it work.

Create a hypothesis

Create testing ideas and variants to apply to a “B” version of your website. Make sure when creating these variants and hypotheses to ask yourself why you think these will work.

Create an experiment

Run the “B” version of your website and wait for people to come to your website. There are online programs available that will allow you set both your A and B version of your websites to run at the same time. The visitors will be randomly sent to either website.

Analyze data

If your experiment does not prove your hypothesis, then simply change the variables you implemented and test again.

Conclude and take action

When you’ve experimented and seen an improvement with your website, implement the variables and reap your rewards. If all of this proves to be time-consuming and difficult, don’t worry; our Las Vegas website design company can help.

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