an example of effective typography

A Consideration in Effective Typography

Do your words represent your business effectively? Are your words presented correctly? To help, we’re not talking about what is written, the syntax or the overall message. What we really mean is the typography of the words. Is that san serif font appropriate for that law firm website? Let’s go a little deeper into effective typography.

What Is Typography?

Typography is the appearance of typed print.

Typography is an often overlooked aspect of web design as most people focus on the graphics and overall function of the website. Most people justify their choice of typography this way: as long as people can read the content, then it’s fine.

This is not true. Regardless of how limited or copious a website’s content is, bad typography can draw clients and readers away. There a subtle social attachment to effective typography. For example, how would you feel if your lawyer’s website used comic sans?

It can seem funny, but it can damage the online credibility of this lawyer. The same applied to other types of businesses. So ask yourself: Do your words represent your website?

Simply put, if you want to be formal and credible, stay away from wacky fonts.

Types of typography

Here are some broad examples of common typography:

  • Serif: Typefaces with accents; formal and easy to read
  • San Serif: typefaces without accents; suitable for ads
  • Script: Elegant cursive type; use conservatively
  • Modern: Tall and narrow type without accents
  • Display: Stylized type; suitable for Headers

Consult with your Las Vegas web designer if you need assistance choosing effective typography.

Our teams have the skills to make your website shine. We will optimize every aspect of the page, including which typeface is right your business. Connect with Mvestor Media and take your company to a new level.

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