How We Would Design Santa Claus’ New Website

Our website designers have created multiple types of unique website designs for various types of businesses. But there’s one person in particular for whom we’d love to design his website. In the spirit of the season, here’s how we would design Santa Claus’ website.

Santa Claus’ New Website Design Elements

Designing with the audience in mind

In order to create the best website for Santa, we have to create a unique website design for his primary audience—children. Children need a simple and easy to navigate website. The website would also need to be safe and professional looking so that the user’s parent can rest assured their progeny and computer are safe. We would the make the website interactive and dynamic, as opposed to a static website, to keep the users engaged.

Utilize a familiar color choice

Most companies have issues selecting colors to represent their company. Not St. Nick, however.

We would utilize the red, black and white in a modern fashion. The background would be primarily white with red enclosures—all content written in black. To break up the monotony of the colors, we would embed cascaded snowflakes into the background. This will enhance the overall Christmas feeling. Repeating the snowflake motif throughout the website, we’d also echo the North Pole feel by placing snowflakes near links and icons.

Contact Santa page

This will most likely be the most visited page on the website. We would design it to handle a sudden and massive amount of traffic with two interfaces for Santa, customizing one interface where the user could type out a letter to Santa and include a rich text editor for the user to personalize their letter(s) to Santa. Users would also have the option to upload images and videos in case they can’t completely articulate their wish list.

The other interface would be a simple drag and drop if the user prefers using their own word processor program. Designing the system to run using a naughty or nice algorithm linked to the Santa Claus’ database, our web designers would make sure the website would distinguish between users who were well or ill-behaved over the year and place them either in the gift or coal bucket.

Website Design from the Desert to the North Pole

Whether you’re Santa or a business owner looking for a fresh, modern website design, we can help. Check out our service pages and make a unique website design with Mvestor Media.

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