Should I include a blog on my website?

Should I Include a Blog on My Website?

The blog. The hipster’s digital sanctuary to write angsty poetry, or something more? You may have seen a blog link on a website’s front page. You probably wondered why would anyone want to read a blog about window treatments. While a valid question, blogs do serve a purpose in effective website design.

A Consideration on the Blog and Blog Designs

We should note there is more than one reason why a website ranks higher than others. This is not a complete explanation. You can have the world’s most beautiful website design, but beauty doesn’t get you to the top of search engines. It can be a potential factor but not the reason.

The internet pays attention to the content you write on your website. Whether you write a product description about window treatments, food or guns, Google will analyze the website’s content and rank it.

The more relevant and interesting your content is, the higher you rank. Your landing pages can do this for you at the beginning of the website’s launch. However, your page will rank lower over time, especially if other websites are competing with yours and their content is better quality.

A way to combat this is with a blog. That’s why blogs are important: You can publish content relevant to your business and maintain a high rank on search engines.

How does this relate to website design?

The blog relates to website design because it improves its purpose and effectiveness. Again, you may have the most beautiful website design in the world, but if it ranks on page 100 on Google, it may as well be ugly.

When you ask for a website, ask your Las Vegas website designer to include a blog. Our company, for example, will keep your blog’s design align with your website’s.

If you need a complete website overhaul, seek out the experts at our website design company in Las Vegas. We offer a variety of services from website maintenance and redesign.

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