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Web Design Basics: Static Websites vs Dynamic Websites

Can it be? Is it really time for another web design basics? Yes, it is. At our Las Vegas website design company, we love making these blogs answering all the questions you could possibly have about website design.

For the 2017 year, our Las Vegas website designers noticed a lot of people making promises to change or promises to stay exactly who they are. It got us thinking about dynamic websites and static websites. Today, we tackle this fascinating web design topic.

Static Websites vs Dynamic Websites

The best way to explain static websites and dynamic websites involves a simple definition: Static means to lack change and stay constant; dynamic means constant change and activity.

Static websites

A static website is a website following the mantra of set it and forget it. Static websites are simple HTML web pages linked together, often with a simple design. Amendments to the content posted rarely happens. People can easily navigate them a simple interactive menu.

A static website is best used for companies interested in giving information to the clients and nothing more. The benefits of creating a static website are that it’s fast to make and cheap in price. Disadvantages include not being able to improve your SEO or make changes as easily with a dynamic website.

Real life static website examples

  • Brochure websites
  • Websites from the 1990s
  • Most business websites without a CMS

Dynamic websites

Dynamic websites are characterized by their ability to adapt. While they take longer to develop and can be slower, they can be tailored. Make a mistake on one of your service pages? Go into the CMS and change it. Offer a new product or service? Create a new page with ease. Since they are more technical than static websites, they need professional website designers in Las Vegas’ help to maintain.

Real life dynamic website examples

Hire the Best Website Designers in Las Vegas

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