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4 “Website Designers” Who Should Not Design Your Website

We get it. Not many people want to deal with finding website designers. Whether they find the scope of work too tedious or they have other priorities, finding a website designer in Las Vegas and creating a website can fall to the end of a to-do list.

This often leads business owners to make rash decisions, like hiring amateurs to create their business website. Some get lucky, but the majority of the time, their websites end on lists like this. Today, we talk about the four people you need to avoid when finding the best web designers.

4 Examples of Website Designers You Need to Pass on

A person without a portfolio or references

If a “supposed” website designer in Las Vegas offers their services and doesn’t have a portfolio, don’t waste your time dealing with them. An artist should let their work speak for themselves. Talk of how awesome they are will fade when your website is broken, and they can’t fix it.

Granted, freelance website designers in Las Vegas just starting in the business may not have an extensive portfolio to show. In this case, ask if they have any type of formal training or references before making a decision.

People advertising on Craigslist

We’re not knocking Craigslist. Craigslist is awesome if you’re trying to find an old car, storage containers, job,s or a friendly meetup. However, when dealing with your livelihood and your business’ digital presence, avoid the risk. Most website designers advertising on Craigslist are either beginners or faking. Lower the risk by googling a reputable website design company in Las Vegas.

A PR/Marketing/Bakery/Communications/Grocery Store conglomerate

Be wary of companies with too many eggs in one basket. While the company may employ talented website designers, the company has thousands of other priorities and strict deadlines to meet. This can leave your website creation neglected and rushed.

Find a website design company specializing in just that—website design. Their website designers will invest more time into your website.

Your cousin’s nephew

This one may seem silly, but business owners do rely on their younger, more tech-savvy family members to create them a business website. Whether that nephew’s artistic blog or their fascination of computer programming convinces them, business owners considering their 15-year-old family members to design should reconsider.

We don’t mean to say the younger generation can’t do remarkable work on the computer. What we mean to say is, why place such a massive responsibility on someone so young who has millions of other things to coordinate? Hire a professional whose day-to-day is taking care of your website.

Hire Real Website Designers in Las Vegas

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