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Get a New Website Design for 2017

To all you business owners out there, dedicating yourself to maximizing profits, signing more new clients, looking for a new investment, creating new products in 2017, ask yourself a question: Have you thought about redesigning your old website? If not, then you need to.

Most business people believe a business website is a turnkey operation. Create it, install Shopify, and then it’s done. Traffic and search engine results be darned. Our Las Vegas website design company will explain why this is dangerous and why you need a website redesign.

Why You Need a Website Redesign for 2017

Keeps your company relevant

When people click onto your website and think it’s a blast from 1999’s past, they’re going to think a few things. This may include:

  • Their computer is downloading malware being on the website
  • Your company is run by amateurs
  • Your company is defunct

Needless to say, none of these will improve your business’s success. Rather, it will drive down traffic and convergence, cannibalizing your company reputation and a lucrative lead generation system. A beautiful, modern website redesign will dramatically improve image and client convergence.

A business that adapts succeeds

Some ancient principles of business ring true today. The customer is always right. Communication is key. Revisit old plans if they’re not working. And, of course, a business that adapts and is flexible succeeds.

Digital presence and digital savviness have become a cornerstone of modern business success. A company neglecting or lazily working in this sphere is debilitated. This is usually caused company either not knowing or stubborn about jumping on the positive digital presence bandwagon.

It’s 2017. Get with the times. If your website is just a placeholder for your business phone number and you created it 10 years ago, you’re not reaping the benefits of what a website can do for you. Get a new website design and let it be a tool to further your company’s vision.

Google will like you more

Are you that business Google never seems to notice while it dotes on your competitors? You probably pull your hair out in frustration. After all, your business is the bee’s knees.

It’s probably because your website isn’t dressed in a way for Google to notice or even in a way Google dislikes. If your website isn’t suited to Google’s preferences or algorithm, it will rank your website lower. Meanwhile, your competitors who’ve consulted with a Las Vegas website design company, have optimized websites people go to, trust, and backlink. Google likes this and will reward them.

Make Google notice you. Get people to trust your brand. Adopt a new website design that is optimal for Google’s algorithm.

Start Your Website Redesign the Right Way

If your website design is literally so four years ago, it’s time for an update. Our website design company has the best website designers in Las Vegas. Embrace the future and call now.

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