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7 Basic Web Design Edits Small Business Owners Can Make

In a world accelerating toward new technology, the notion that a small business owner or entrepreneur doesn’t have control over his or her company’s marketing, branding, sales, or web design may sound strange. Nevertheless, this lack of access and control is a reality that many business owners contend with every day. When you choose WordPress for your small business web design, however, you empower not only yourself but also your business.

WordPress for Your Small Business Web Design

As Mvestor web wizards have found out firsthand when helping and guiding our clients through the process of their WordPress web design, a significant majority of small business owners feel out of their depth when it comes to web design. Terms like coding, HTML, analytics, optimization, and the slew of other metrics there are to navigate when it comes to your small business’s web design are often overwhelming and confusing.

7 Changes You Can Make to Your WordPress Website

One of the reasons we recommend that entrepreneurs and professionals from all industries convert to the WordPress CMS is that its interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, even for those new to web design; by switching over to WordPress for your small business website design, mastering web design basics will seem like a breeze. WordPress CMS also provides affordable web design for small businesses by giving users free and ‘freemium’ options.

How to correct your onsite content, blog, or meta description

Fortunately, WordPress not only provides spell check functions for your onsite content and blogs, but plugins like Yoast also make revising your site’s meta description merely a click and a publishing update away.

How to post a blog article

Although web design is essential, having engaging content that brings new visitors to your website is important for all small businesses. Blogs are easy, accessible, and efficient means by which you can implement a cohesive content marketing strategy that is powered by WordPress.

Not only does WordPress provide templates, tips, and tutorials for those new to blogs, it’s user-friendly interface makes options like adding new posts, pages, and even glossary terms a two-step process.

How to shoot YouTube video

In our age of immediate gratification, visual aids like images, gifs, and videos are essential to all sales and marketing strategies. Youtube videos that give an inside look at daily office life, interviews with staff, or testimonials from happy clients are all excellent ways of connecting your brand to your audience.

Mvestor Pro Tip: Although most phones and laptops come equipped with high-quality lenses and decent audio recording mechanisms, make sure your videos are well lit and in a professional setting.

How to upload a YouTube video to your website

Once your video is created and uploaded to youtube, you can embed that same content into the body of a blog or an onsite page. While static HTML sites would require a webmaster for this kind of update, a content management system like WordPress makes this step as easy as copying and pasting an embed code into your publishing dashboard.

How to upload a photo

Instead of relying on a webmaster to put up pictures of new projects, products, or company events, WordPress makes uploading, resizing, and formatting your pictures fast and easy.

How to create a new page

CMS programs and resources like WordPress, creating a new page on a website was an incredibly technical task because it meant that designers had to deal with HTML data, creating a new template, and more. When you use WordPress however, creating a new page on your website is no different than creating a blog article which means that you have the power to create a new page on your site in a matter of seconds or minutes.

How to add a form

When it comes to inviting your web site visitors to stay and engage with the content on your website, enticing them to fill out a form is one of the most important lead generation tactics a small business owner can implement. WordPress makes it easy to install and track forms on your small business site through easily installable and trackable plugins.

Affordable Web Design Services for Small Businesses

Our experts in web design for small businesses will create a unique template that matches your business’s needs while empowering you with a web design interface that is user-friendly and accessible.

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