two bright ideas of CMS’s fighting for superiority

Battle Royale: Strikingly vs Voog

Are you interested in web design? Do you have a product or business that needs a proper page? Are you still looking for the right content management system? Pop some popcorn. Grab a soda. It’s time for another Battle Royale! This time, we have newcomers: Strikingly in one corner and Voog in the other. Now for the moment of truth… which is better?

Website Creators Battle Royale: Strikingly vs. Voog


Strikingly is an intuitive and easy-to-use website builder, perfect for one-page websites. It’s simple, and user-friendly system is excellent for beginning or casual web designers who want to set up shop. Quite literally, actually. It’s great for selling your products with its built-in e-commerce options.

Strikingly Pros

  • Easy section adding feature
  • Mobile friendly
  • Great e-commerce system
  • Overall easy-to-use

Strikingly Cons

  • Each theme has its own features, and they don’t all have the features you want
  • Not a lot of room for originality because it’s so simplistic
  • Small amount of themes
  • No font customization


Voog is yet another simple and user-friendly system for web designers. Just like Wix, it’s an easy drag and drop system that makes editing intuitive… and fun! The website provides a few themes, and each theme has two different layouts: front page or common page. It’s also perfect for multilingual websites!

Voog Pros

  • Easy to use drag and drop
  • Sleek and intuitive: themes are original and easy to use
  • Multi-lingual options

Voog Cons

  • Sparse editing options
  • Two set-in-stone layouts per theme that are inflexible and impossible to edit
  • Voog will look like Voog: no distinguishing between Voog crafted sites
  • No e-commerce options

Web Design Battle Royale Results

The winner is…


With its intuitive one page system, Strikingly won this Battle Royale. After much consideration of Voog, it just doesn’t seem to cut it if you want an original website design. Also, if you want to set up a system of selling products or blog posting, Voog didn’t seem to stand up to the competition.

The Real Winners…

Here at Mvestor Media, we worry about what content management system is better, so you don’t have to. Working with WordPress, we ensure you the sleekest and most efficient design options. Let’s get you started on your website.

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