Customer Service and Your Website

Customer Service and Your Website

The best companies retain their return customers at all costs, and good customer service is commonly why consumers become loyal. If your company prides itself on the best customer service out there, your website should reflect this.

How you treat your customers on your website is a direct reflection of how you value customer service. An important aspect of this is how easy or difficult it is for your customers to get what they came to your site for in the first place. You want your visitors to have control when they come to your site because as soon as you take control away from them, for example by redirecting them in some form, they get frustrated and often leave the site. This goes with the modern web as a whole. Take away control from a user, they take themselves away from you.

Readability is just as important. You might not think about your website’s readability as relating to customer service, but it does directly relate. Keywords are important for search engines to help find your information as relevant, but if you design all of your content around those key words, it becomes overbearing and irrelevant to the consumer. If you prioritize keywords over readability, it means your visitor is of secondary importance to a search engine. That’s not good not only for your customer’s experience, but also because search engines have the capability to understand that you’re doing this and can penalize your site by not ranking you at all. The paradox is that the best way to rank in the search engine, is, among other things, to focus your efforts on making sure that the user has a good experience. It all comes down to the user experience.

Keep customer service as a priority, and work diligently to provide your users with exactly what they’re looking for, as well as 100% control in getting it.

It isn’t easy to build a streamlined, intuitive, and customer-friendly website, so a good website builder is essential. Contact Mvestor Media to see how we can help. We can build and maintain your professional website so you can get back to running your business.

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