5 Years of Mvestor Media – Redefined

Today, we are announcing not only the re-branding of Mvestor Media (a new look, website, logo, etc), but also the re-definition of our core values, services, and mission. This past September, we celebrated our 5 year anniversary as a company. We are excited for achieving such a great milestone! The company was founded with a goal to create compelling and user friendly websites, and quickly learned the ropes of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We’ve helped dozens of small businesses achieve those hard-to-get rankings, with value for both our business and our clients.

A change of pace.

Looking at the last five years, of the company, I had to come to terms with what we are good at, and what we are great at. We have put together a team of individuals who together run a system that creates absolutely amazing websites. We’ve taken our services and redefined them as both All-in-One and Premier products, each with their unique benefits.

Specialization, not generalization.

We’ve also decided to specialize in creating websites using our new products, instead of generalizing in “all things web”. This means we are no longer taking on new clients for SEO and other internet marketing services. We have a range of partners, local and national, who specialize in this arena and provide tremendous value.

Our new look.

Our friends over at Fitting Images helped us come up with a brand new logo, business card, letterhead, etc. We are more than pleased with the simplified and current version that will last us for the next few years. Here’s the newest version:

Mvestor Media Logo

In addition, we’ve rebuilt our website from the ground up, employing the latest website design and development methods we use for all of our clients. Frankly, this change and refresh version of our website was way overdue. Redefining our business goals helped in coming up with a design that would represent our new services and products.

A new website product.

Lastly, I’d like to introduce a new, innovative product in website design. We call it the All-in-One site plan. We have a dedicated product page for over here with all of the details. To summarize, it makes everything you would need for a website accessible under one monthly plan:

  • Custom Photoshop Design
  • Responsive and search friendly code
  • Speed optimized hosting
  • Unlimited updates to content

This completely managed website solution makes it very easy for startup businesses to get started with a custom designed site without having to manage the process themselves. We have several clients on the plan already are looking forward to the many who join. If you’d like to get more details or talk about it, just let me know.


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