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Web Design Alignment: The Basics

If you want people to scroll through your website and actually read it, your web design needs to be readable, right? Often times, websites depend on content alone to coax users into staying, but that just doesn’t work. Would you want to read something that isn’t organized? Knowing how to organize images, words and other pieces on a single page is called web design alignment. Here comes more web design basics for you.

Web Design Alignment: The Grid

When using the grid system for web design, it is important to have precise alignment. After all, a web design requires a design. With that being said, you need to treat your website like a work of art to make it aesthetically pleasing to your audience.

When analyzing or observing, our eyes move left to right. To create perfect harmony, it’s important to align accordingly, much like a book. However, in other parts of the world, they may read from right to left. It just depends on your audience and where you want to place things.

Aligning images

The first step in aligning images is making sure they’re all at a pretty relatively similar size and, from there, they fit like a puzzle. This is important because you don’t want it to look like a pile of pictures. It’s also better to align pictures in the center, but of course, that may depend on what you’re going for. It’s up to you on how to align them, but just understand you have an audience who prefers alignment in web design.


Most websites have sections organized together based on similarities and function. For example, “Home,” “About Us,” “Products,” etc., will all go together in a header section. Contact information and links will go in a footer section at the bottom. Other similar items are organized throughout the page accordingly.

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