WordPress E-Commerce Security

WordPress E-Commerce Security Done Right

Almost a day doesn’t go by that we don’t hear about hackers stealing credit card information and other sensitive information from WordPress E-Commerce sites. To protect and reassure your customers and buyers, it’s imperative to know how to protect your e-business and your sensitive customer data with WordPress E-Commerce security. Consider these tips for protection:

  • Choose a secure E-Commerce plugin, such as Woocommerce.
  • If you are taking payment directly on your site, use a secure connection for online checkout. It can be a leap of faith for customers to trust that your WordPress E-Commerce site is safe, particularly when web-based attacks are increasing.
  • Employ an address and card verification system. Enable an address verification system and require the card verification value for credit card transactions to reduce fraudulent charges. Authorize.net’s AVS is a great and easy choice.
  • Require strong passwords. While it is the responsibility of the retailer to keep customer information safe on the back-end, you can help customers help themselves by requiring a minimum number of characters and the use of symbols or numbers. Longer, more complex logins will make it harder for criminals to breach your site from the front-end. Password Strength for Woocommerce is a good, easy solution.
  • Set up system alerts for suspicious activity. Set an alert notice for multiple and suspicious transactions coming through from the same IP address. Similarly, set up system alerts for multiple orders placed by the same person using different credit cards, phone numbers that are from markedly different areas than the billing address, and orders where the recipient name is different than the card holder name.
  • Layer your security. Start with firewalls, an essential aspect in stopping attackers before they can breach your network and gain access to your critical information. Next, add extra layers of WordPress E-commerce security to the website and applications such as contact forms, login boxes, and search queries. We offer WordPress hosting that builds this into the site.
  • Use tracking numbers for all orders. To combat chargeback fraud, have tracking numbers for every order you send out. This is especially important for retailers who drop ship.
  • Monitor your site regularly–and make sure whoever is hosting it is, too. Always have a real-time analytics tool. It’s the real-world equivalent of installing security cameras in your shop. Also, make sure whoever is hosting your E-commerce site regularly monitors their servers for malware, viruses, and other harmful software. Ask your current or potential web host if they have a plan that includes at least daily scanning, detection, and removal of malware and viruses on the website.
  • Make sure you or whoever is hosting your site is backing it up–and has a disaster recovery plan. To make sure your site is properly protected, back it up regularly–or make sure your hosting service is doing so.

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